Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Hijack a Meeting Brought to You by the Usual (Antifracking) Suspects

Chip Northrup over at No Fracking Way doing some PR for Clare Donahue, Patrick Robbins, Ling Tsou, Kim Fraczek, Sane Energy and other fellow fracktivist friends like Catherine Skopic as they hijack the draft EIS hearing on the Port Ambrose LNG deliver project

How to Hijack a Meeting Brought to you by the Usual Suspects of the antifracking movement 

 The recipe is simple.

 1. Show up.

 2. Say Anything.
(For example if you are attending a draft EIS hearing on an LNG delivery project feel free to say that the project is secretly for export. Bring up another project perhaps. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. The meeting was scheduled of course for something specific but that matters very little as perhaps the agency holding the meeting actually sent out that notice in the federal register, prepared all of that paperwork simply to entertain themselves. There is almost nothing more entertaining than listening to citizens spout nonsense at public hearings. Chanting and songs are also charming. The less you read or know about what the actual meeting was supposed to be about, the better. Seriously. Details are for losers.)

 3. Take Pictures or hold a mock press release as well or do both.

 4. Self publish or get an unsuspecting reporter to do the same.

Number two is most important in order to properly hijack the meeting. The antifracking movement excels at this. They have been hijacking meetings and the news for at least the last two and half years as far as I can tell, specifically with the Rockaway Pipeline project and Port Ambrose. I haven't read the transcript of the recent hearing on the Port Ambrose LNG delivery project, but I've seen the transcript of both prior hearings and judging from the faces of some of those photographed, I'm sure the read through is going to be a hoot.

The Port Ambrose LNG secret trojan trap door for exporting all of the United State's natural gas supply draft EIS hearing apparently just occurred if one gets their news from antifracking sources. Sane Energy project's newsmakers and news reporters have the scoop. The project could be for export. The ships could be made out of chocolate delivering chocolate milk. ( I believe I once read a quote from Martha Cameron of the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline in the news about how the Rockaway Pipeline wasn't delivering chocolate milk as many had suspected. )

Anything is possible, particularly an entirely new world. At least that is what I learned from the folks at Occupy the Pipeline.

Port Ambrose, an LNG delivery project proposed to deliver into the very same pipeline that the Rockaway Lateral Project is currently being built off received a favorable draft EIS and a hearing was held on that draft EIS. Oddly the Port Ambrose project aims to deliver during peak periods which is when the Rockaway Lateral Pipeline could according to the actual paperwork submitted by Williams shift the natural gas supplies into the new pipe instead of sending them to Long Beach where they are now delivered.

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