Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There is More Misinformation on Port Ambrose LNG in the news than there is Real Information

Steadily, since the summer of 2013 when Timothy Bolger in the Long Island Press stated that Port Ambrose's critics "fear fracking exports on the horizon", most of the news reports on the Port Ambrose deepwater port proposal contain more misinformation than factual information on the proposed project. And in that respect, the news coverage is quite similar to much of the news on the Rockaway Project. It also happens to involve many of the same sources for that misinformation as well.

What is disturbing is that it doesn't matter how many times a reporter or a publication editor is informed that they are promoting myth or misinformation over fact either as John Tarleton of the Indypendent was numerous times with the Port Ambrose project. Why does the fact-free reporting matter? Well I can take a quote from a letter written by the Recreational Fishing Alliance about the hearings on this project which speaks directly to the misinformation that has long been swirling around this project and why misinformation isn't productive or instructive.

"Based on what I observed at that hearing and the comments raised by those opposed to the project, I came to the firm conclusion that the hearings, in the manner they are being conducted, do not foster a meaningful or constructive dialog in regards the project. I found this very troubling seeing how the hearing generated little, if any, useful or factual information while knowing how critically important such information is for those at the state level who are charged in making key decisions on this application. It would prove extremely difficult for you or your staff to review the hearing proceedings and identify rational and/or relevant information among the hundreds of commenters who were off topic, inaccurate or agenda driven." --Recreational Fishing Alliance

The quote mentions the decision makers at the state level, but one can easily substitute the public instead, which is equally important. The public has been invited to comment on a draft EIS on the Port Ambrose project and judging from Ben Adler's recent piece in Grist, what is painfully clear is that the public is being prevented from understanding what it is they are even commenting on. There isn't any doubt either about where the information is coming from. It stems from the sources in Ben Adler's article, Jessica Roff, Patrick Robbins, the Sane Energy project and a pretty long list of others as well.

The public has been invited to comment on a draft EIS for the Port Ambrose LNG delivery project and the antifracking movement is still calling this project a likely export project, more than a year and half after they created this myth.


Anonymous said...

Why do you write so many nasty and false things about people?

Sweetgum Thursday said...

As Jack Nicholson said in a certain movie, you can't handle the truth, Anonymous.