Monday, August 10, 2015

A Confederacy of Dunces holds a parade in Long Beach (Port Ambrose LNG parade)

Some pretty and colorful pictures (credit Steve Soblick) worth thousands of words in the never ending saga of activists (mostly fractivists) misbehaving and misinforming. There is never any need to hear the words spoken as the imagery and the art, even if it is the "art of the con", is really what this PR campaign is all about.

 The people's puppets of occupy, occupy the pipeline, Sane Energy project, (basically all the same people), Clare Donahue, Jessica Roff of Catskill Mountainkeeper went out to Long Beach Long Island to celebrate the three long years of misinformation that they have been bringing to people near the shore whether in the Rockaways or Long Island about the Rockaway Project and Port Ambrose. And surprise surprise, there was a willing politician ready to speak some words at the podium and make some friends as well, along with Kim Fraczek and Patrick Robbins. This time it was Todd Kaminsky. (Oddly enough a politician who in his former life prosecuted Michael Grimm, the politician who introduced HR2606 into Congress prior to the public hearing about the bill and proposed pipeline project.) HR2606 of course was the bill that enabled the Rockaway pipeline to move forward. That is already ancient history (three years ago) and not only ancient history but a history that has been buried and already mythologized as well.

I wonder if former prosecutor Todd Kaminsky is aware that the Sane Energy Project is basically a fraudulent group.

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