Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Port Ambrose Misinformation Campaign: All the Tweets Fit to Print and a Video

David Giambusso, Capital New York Energy reporter tweets a photo of  the anti-frack movement's Cuomo puppet when covering the Port Ambrose LNG project "resistance"

"The anti-fracking movement is back complete with @NYGovCuomo effigy #portambrose" tweets Capital NY's reporter David Giambusso.

Direct Action makes it happen! Occupy Wall Street on Port Ambrose LNG project

"Direct Action makes it happen!" Occupy Wall Street ryhmes in an important chirp.  

And some people use more than 150 characters to express themselves on the Port Ambrose LNG import proposal.  Elizabeth Press, who according to her bio at the The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is "a media-maker and educator based" in New York,City produced a really fascinating video on the Port Ambrose LNG IMPORT project, which you can watch here:   

Elizabeth Press' ideology is apparant in her bio. It speaks volumes about one huge reason why it is that certain media is spectacularly unable to report on the Port Ambrose proposal and the antifracking/ enviromental movement's complete misinformation on it. 
 "Before she focused her work on the environment and alternative transportation, she mainly worked at alternative media outlets. Elizabeth produced for the independent TV/Radio program, Democracy Now!, edited for Worldfocus on PBS and freelanced for Grit TV with Laura Flanders."
There's a reason why "objective" journalism is important in a democracy. Fact-based information might matter somewhat too.

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