Monday, August 31, 2015

Scott Cannon, A Bully and Liar in Tales from the Pipeline Wars

Scott Cannon, who according to State Impact Pa, enjoys calling people gasholes and has made over 50 internet videos showing adverse effects of gas drilling, pipelines and related infrastructure is the latest antifracking activist attempting to silence me by bullying me online

"You get paid to write blogs from Tom Shepstone on his Natural Gas Now website to discredit activists who oppose some gas development. We'll, that takes away any questions on your bias, now doesn't it?" says Scott Cannon to me via what appears to me to be the standard operating procedure of an antifracking activist. That standard operating procedure is: bullying, lying and making false accusations whether online or in person and this behavior is not limited to targeting politicians, FERC employees, natural gas industry employees but extends to anyone who dares to open their mouth to speak words that are not the talking points of the anti-fracking movement. Even me. Even though there are lots of letters to FERC, a certificate order on the Rockaway Lateral project in fact and lots of evidence that says otherwise, Scott Cannon as an activist can just say whatever he likes about me. That's just how he rolls.

It is no secret that the great fracking war is divisive. As early as fall 2011, a NY times headline describing how "civility is fading" in the fight over gas drilling was likely an understatement.  How disgusting and low the actual behavior is of the activists involved has to be known to people other than me who get close to this issue. Its shocking that this behavior is then celebrated and encouraged  by environmental leaders and politicians.

Scott Cannon is not the first anti-fracking activist to absurdly and falsely accuse me of either being a shill for the gas industry, a spy or some other crap, but at least he is not someone who has met me like some of the activists at the Sane Energy Project, United for Action or Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline among others. Nor will he be the last I imagine. Posts on this blog are labelled "activists gone wild" for a reason. Here is a link to a group that Scott Cannon is associated with called the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition.  Apparantly the website has a disclaimer where hey.. the organization basically says themselves that they can't guarantee the accuracy of what they say.
Shocker!  The website  also says the following:

"We acknowledge that each individual group member in their actions and speech, represent the coalition as a whole, and therefore are reminded to be mindful in speaking and acting in a manner that professionally and respectfully represents the group as a whole."
Scott Cannon is a fine example of what the activism against fracking, natural gas and pipelines looks like.


Video Innovations said...

How you got all that out of this statement is comical. "You get paid to write blogs from Tom Shepstone on his Natural Gas Now website to discredit activists who oppose some gas development. We'll, that takes away any questions on your bias, now doesn't it?"

You know the difference between a lie and an assertion, because you mentioned my comment saying I made an assertion that you get paid to write your blogs, yet you called me a liar for making an assertion? A lie is something said that the sayer knows is false, but says it anyway. I didn't know you didn't get paid, so that is not a lie. You, on the other hand, lied when you you call me a liar, because you know I made an assertion. Stick to horiculture, bullshit is not your strong suite.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Yawn. Scott I already told you that my purpose in writing to the pipeline task force in Pennsylvania came directly from my own experience and there is years of documentation on it with activists, pipelines and TOTAL misinformation. Online this has also involved lots of accusations such as yours.

FYI-- I have a certificate in horticulture but I have a piece of paper that says BA on it followed by the word journalism.

You can't shut me up Scott.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

As a commenter on the StateImpact Pennsylvania website, Cannon has frequently made derogatory statements directed at the gas industry. He’s referred to fracking supporters as “gasholes” and once called a high-profile gas company spokesman, “the villain in Erin Brockovich and every Steven Segal movie ever made.”-- That is a quote from the reporter, Marie Cusick at State Impact PA. It is not something I just pulled out of the air and decided to say.