Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Something that looked like the Monopoly guy" protests the Constitution Pipeline and other fracked up "news"

Photo by Kyle Adams 

"Blue ribbons streamed down the streets of Albany and something that looked like the Monopoly guy stood tall in front of DEC offices." So begins the article with probably one of the most entertaining lead sentences I've read on a pipeline protest, and I've read plenty of articles and lead sentences on pipeline protests. Please follow the link for the rest of just that one article on the NY antifrack movement's most recent Constitution Pipeline protest: ...

Or watch a video here!

Or, as typical of this movement's total domination of the news cycle and reporters, you can choose from a gaggle of press coverage of one wee group of people and a sparsely attended event:
1.) Like here: , where it is said that "Dozens of New Yorkers living along the proposed Constitution Pipeline route descended on New York's state Capitol today to call on the Department of Environmental Conservation to protect their land and lifestyles."  Or over in... "ALBANY — Opponents of the Constitution Pipeline and other natural gas infrastructure projects planned for the area marched on the state Department of Environmental Conservation offices in Albany on Tuesday to urge the agency to deny the project’s final water permits." -
What species is on my head photograph and other photos  by Cindy Schultz  in the Times Union

3.) Or... you can opt to entertain yourself with only the photos over at the Times Union's coverage of the most recent Stop the Constitution pipeline's presser. Perhaps play a game similar to Wheres Waldo where you search through the pictures for the different pieces of art and attempt to identify the species illustrated . (If you do read the article, take it with a grain of salt because the reporter Brian Nearing isn't likely to question the credibility of any of his sources or their claims.)

Kim Fraczek who doesn't live near the proposed route featured with a Microphone but no turntables at the Constitution Pipeline protest in Kyle smith's story at the Daily gazette

Craig Stevens, who unlike the FERC has yet to meet a pipeline he likes, and Roger Downs  of the Sierra Club, credit Kyle Adams

Where have I seen Craig Stevens and Kim Fraczek before? In the news? Where haven't I seen them is a better question.

 Alternate title of this post: The media's coverage of the antifracking movement and pipelines like the Constitution Pipeline (yes that is a link to another article featuring a lawyer saying some important stuff like the rally she just participated in was "spirited") or rather its failures at every stage of the reporting process is a scandal much much bigger than one college "rape culture" story that needed to be retracted by Rolling Stone.

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