Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tales from the FERC files: Mav Moorhead an antifracking expert speaks and other excerpts

The Stop the FERCUS Circus, A Carnival of Misinformation, Rrde the Carousel of Antifracking activism and misinformation  with Kim Fraczek, Beyond Extreme Energy, Sane Energy and friends 

Mav Moorhead, an expert and antifracking movement veteran's basis for intervening in  CP13-36 Application for Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Rockaway Delivery Lateral Project

"I am a stakeholder in this proceeding as I am a resident of New York City. The overwelming health and safety reasons connected with my concerns regarding this pipeline are expansive. The radiation issue and terrorist issues concerning this pipeline are reasons for careful review and denial of this pipeline. There is currently no radiation oversight concerning measurements radon 222 in gas flowing thru the pipelines in regard to radiation as well as levels of methane leaks. Allowing export of gas thru this pipeline is the main reason for its planned construction. This puts New Yorkers at serious risk for terrorist attacks turning the Rockaways into a terrorist target and risks for explosions are highly increased because of this industrialization of the high pressure high volume pipeline imposed as a plan for the Rockaways. This pipeline should not be permitted into New York City, a densly populated city."  2/12/2013 

Mav Moorhead, an antifracking expert speaks in the villager article "Occupy Wall St and Ruffalo whack fracking, pipeline by Albert Amateau :   

"Mav Moorhead, a member of NYH20, declared, “FERC has never stopped a pipeline from approval. After a final ruling the only recourse is to sue in federal court. Historically, that is the only way to stop the pipeline at this time.”
Moorhead said that Spectra’s ultimate goal was to create a worldwide market for natural gas from Marcellus Shale fracking."
Oh, what I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall back September 2010 when Buck and Mav Moorhead, founders of NYH2O, spoke at this  event titled "What is fracking?" . Or for that matter at any of the  NYC Community Board hearings or meetings  where fracking "experts" Buck and Mav Moorhead spoke. 

Alternate title for this post: The media is either asleep when covering the fracking issue and the antifracking movement's leaders and messaging, willfully closing their eyes or unable to take the time to do real research as reporters, like Nick Pinto for one, are too close to the activists they cover or too reliant on them for information. 

Second alternative title for this post: This is a lot of what antifracking anti-pipeline activism looks like: agitprop, hysteria and misinformation. Some characters mentioned:  Kim Fraczek of Occupy the Pipeline, Sane Energy, the People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street and Mav and architect Buck Moorhead of both NYH20 and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, two antifracking organization that intervened in the Rockaway Pipeline docket. 

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