Monday, August 24, 2015

The Unbearable Lightness of Activist

Sane Energy activists have no problem dragging everyone down with them as they drag Patagonia into their misinformation campaign on Port Ambrose LNG import project

The activists responsible for bamboozling the public, reporters and politicians for two plus years now about the Port Ambrose LNG import proposal and also on the history of the Rockaway project are accountable to no one. They don't represent a community. They aren't elected to speak for one. It appears that they can simply been seen as experts or powerful entities representing lots of members just based on their word, a clever press release, facebook meme, or any other number of activist tactics.

Josh Fox's Gasland social media promotes a conspiracy theory that the Port Ambrose LNG import project is for export and directs people to sign a form letter that says so

So in this moment, while the EPA head Gina McCarthy, presumably in some way accountable to citizens, says "Cleaner-burning energy sources like natural gas are key compliance options for our Clean Power Plan and we are committed to ensuring safe and responsible production that supports a robust clean energy economy.",  May Boeve, executive director of, a climate activist who lives in Brooklyn who is currently being promoted as one of 10 leaders who are reshaping the environmental movement disagrees. says the opposite, which is basically what I have seen for years now with activists surrounding the issue of fracking and natural gas. It is what defines the activism surrounding the Rockaway pipeline and Port Ambrose proposals. According to a very recent press release from, "the only safe way to deal with fracking is to end it". I can almost guarantee that quote has already been picked up by someone somewhere in the media.

One dirty secret about the environmental world, its leadership or activism tactics is that it is in no way held accountable. It isn't just either. Because the environmental activist world is like any other, the controversy over natural gas development in NY state and the Deleware River Basin has impacted many organizations which network or associate with each other, not just the ones that have sprung up over this issue.

One consequence of the activism surrounding the war on fracking is that the public is losing access to credible information on natural gas and environmentalists are losing their ability to provide credible information to the public as well.. To quote Ms. Mccarthy again quite recently:
 "Hydrofracking has certainly changed the energy dynamic considerably. You are absolutely right, it has created an opportunity for a shift away from coal into natural gas, and that shift has been enormously beneficial from a clean air perspective, as well as from a climate perspective."

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