Friday, September 25, 2015

Food And Water Watch apparently now thinks the Port Ambrose LNG import proposal might be a genetically modified organism in need of a label

What Eric Weltman and Alex Beauchamp of Food and Water Watch think is a crowd of people (hint you can count on both hands) and what they think of fracking and GMO"s disguised as their fight against the Port Ambrose LNG facility

One way to identify what people are really trying to say no matter what it is that their campaign purports to be about is to read the signs they wave. Literally. Food and Water Watch has long been on a misinformation campaign about the Port Ambrose LNG import proposal. According to them of course the project is secretly an export proposal and all the agencies looking at the paperwork are just too dumb to figure out what Eric Weltman and Alex Beauchamp divined without looking at even a shred of paperwork. Making Port Ambrose a secret and conspiratorial export project in the summer of 2013 provided a convenient excuse for Food and Water Watch to protest fracking on Long Island. Port Ambrose equals fracking equals climate change apparantly according to the photo above oh and also maybe the ships that pull up to deliver the gas are secretly GMO seeds too.

Apparently now that fracking has been banned in NY, Food and Water Watch's misinformation campaign on the Port Ambrose LNG deepwater port still won't stop as someone likely has given them money to fight fracking somewhere else. Its hard for me to understand how Food and Water Watch actually gets funding from anybody these days at all or how people can take this group or its leader, Wenonah Hauter, seriously . Then again I'm sure lots of people take the New York Sierra club groups seriously too and their track record on the Port Ambrose project is equally atrocious.

In today's other fun fracking news, Ted Glick of Beyond Extreme Energy and other groups (entertainingly he is currently employed as the national coordinator for a group called Chesapeake Climate Action Network) admits to being a "very dizzy and light-headed" guy. He's currently down in Washington DC on a fast protesting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions practice of "communicide"( communicide to the non-initiated means FERC's approving new natural gas pipelines) and thinks his mental fuzziness might be attributed to his lack of food.

I would diagnose him with frack fever.

He's not alone. Lots of environmental leaders and progressives have become confused about natural gas in the last few years. They think its worse than coal.

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