Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Notre Dame Chooses Faith, Science and...Natural Gas Now

While Pope Francis' visit to the United States as well as the recent release of his encyclical "Laudato Si', On Care for Our Common Home" with its focus on climate change has inspired at least one Catholic legislator to consider boycotting his upcoming address to Congress , others like Notre Dame's Rev. John I. Jenkins appear like the Pope to be more at ease reconciling their faith with science. A recent USA Today article demonstrates how Notre Dame, inspired by the pope, is choosing faith, science.... and natural gas.

The brief article discusses how the Pope's concern about climate change has prompted Notre Dame to commit to completely saying goodbye to coal in generating electricity on campus. Apparently, the University had already reduced their coal use substantially by switching to cleaner burning and more climate friendly natural gas, but will improve on those efforts by using even more natural gas in the short term, as well as investing $113 million in renewable energy projects.

“Notre Dame is recommitting to make the world a greener place, beginning in our own backyard,” Jenkins said in a statement and both natural gas and renewables are some of the tools the University has chosen to embrace in order to cut its carbon footprint by more than half by 2030. A SouthBend Tribune article explains how Notre Dame is acting on clean energy goals by:
1. Phasing out all coal use in the next 5 years
2. Opting instead to use natural gas in newer higher efficiency combined cycle combustion gas turbines to produce both electricity and steam
3. Investing in hydroelectric, geothermal and solar projects.

Apparantly I'm not that only one who's looked down at the stove and thought of the sun and flowers upon seeing the blue flames of natural gas as it would seem Art Director  Mike Powell  has too.

In news of an opposite nature, I just learned via the most fraudulent people I know (artists and activists who call themselves the Sane Energy project) that progressive radio's Patti and Doug Wood (apparently local environmental leaders) will be hosting a misinformation radio session on the Port Ambrose LNG IMPORT proposal airing on WBAI tonight. The title of the broadcast? "The Insanity of the Natural Gas Export Plan" where it appears the radio hosts will by broadcasting lies to the public about non-existant "giant export terminals located off Long Island and New Jersey."

As I asked once before, exactly when did progressive come to mean totally upside down or regressive? Patti and Doug Wood are scheduled to talk nonsense on WBAI tonight--their theme the Port Ambrose import proposal, a nearly three year old proposal which lots of antifracking activists and groups, environmentalists and progressive for some reason keep choosing to lie to the public about among other things

Here is something I absolutely did not expect three and half years ago when I began following the Rockaway Pipeline project. I did not expect the path would lead to finding myself at odds with certain people who call themselves environmentalists or progressive.

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