Saturday, October 24, 2015

Occupy The Port Ambrose LNG Fracking Export Conspiracy Theory! The Musical !

What is left for me to say here on this blog as we near the end of the story of the Rockaway and Port Ambrose projects unfolding in real time right now before our very eyes?

Minister Erik Mcgregor is capturing "the movement" and theatrics with pretty production stills. The script just needs to be written (no embellishments needed--just a straight up reenactment of events will do) and after that a casting call to find the right people to play all the important parts on stage.

From Edie Kantrowitz above, to Maureen Healy below, the characters are all so thoroughly delusional and outspoken, they will be surely be lots of juicy fun for any actress to play.

Plus as I've pointed out before its not just the characters that are colorful! The Art Department will have their share of fun with costumes and props.

Perhaps the only kind thing one can say about the character Maureen Healy is that she is consistent. Once she's got her version of reality down, she sticks with it.

Above, Maureen Healy photographed perhaps while live on air in summer 2013. While the Rockaway Project was being deliberated, Maureen buried the likely connection between it and Port Ambrose, most likely in that broadcast buried all the real information and real people involved as well, promoted herself and helped to spread an export conspiracy theory on Port Ambrose instead. And below years later, Maureen Healy commenting on some recent "news" at cbslocal..

Maureen Healy • 8 days ago
"Great coverage. Thanks.

NYC and Long Island have no need for additional "natural" gas; in fact we are awash in cheap fracked gas.

Dig a little deeper. If this project is approved as the import facility it claims it will be, a simple administrative reversal of its license would allow it to become an export facility. And that is where the money is! Exporting gas overseas (where it sells for 3 and 4 times more) is the true goal of this project."

Like I said before, you could not make this stuff up--- these characters, the sheer lunacy of these people who are engaged in such a fraudulent campaign and have sustained it for years--- if you tried.

Probably the most shocking thing of all is that lots of people appear to be content just watching this tragicomedy unfold and the most shocking people of all those who aren't just silent as this transpires but often appear to be promoters of the show are people called reporters and editors.

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