Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There is More Misinformation on Port Ambrose LNG in the news than there is Real Information

Steadily, since the summer of 2013 when Timothy Bolger in the Long Island Press stated that Port Ambrose's critics "fear fracking exports on the horizon", most of the news reports on the Port Ambrose deepwater port proposal contain more misinformation than factual information on the proposed project. And in that respect, the news coverage is quite similar to much of the news on the Rockaway Project. It also happens to involve many of the same sources for that misinformation as well.

What is disturbing is that it doesn't matter how many times a reporter or a publication editor is informed that they are promoting myth or misinformation over fact either as John Tarleton of the Indypendent was numerous times with the Port Ambrose project. Why does the fact-free reporting matter? Well I can take a quote from a letter written by the Recreational Fishing Alliance about the hearings on this project which speaks directly to the misinformation that has long been swirling around this project and why misinformation isn't productive or instructive.

"Based on what I observed at that hearing and the comments raised by those opposed to the project, I came to the firm conclusion that the hearings, in the manner they are being conducted, do not foster a meaningful or constructive dialog in regards the project. I found this very troubling seeing how the hearing generated little, if any, useful or factual information while knowing how critically important such information is for those at the state level who are charged in making key decisions on this application. It would prove extremely difficult for you or your staff to review the hearing proceedings and identify rational and/or relevant information among the hundreds of commenters who were off topic, inaccurate or agenda driven." --Recreational Fishing Alliance

The quote mentions the decision makers at the state level, but one can easily substitute the public instead, which is equally important. The public has been invited to comment on a draft EIS on the Port Ambrose project and judging from Ben Adler's recent piece in Grist, what is painfully clear is that the public is being prevented from understanding what it is they are even commenting on. There isn't any doubt either about where the information is coming from. It stems from the sources in Ben Adler's article, Jessica Roff, Patrick Robbins, the Sane Energy project and a pretty long list of others as well.

The public has been invited to comment on a draft EIS for the Port Ambrose LNG delivery project and the antifracking movement is still calling this project a likely export project, more than a year and half after they created this myth.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Williams Halts Construction on Rockaway Pipeline Project and other Breaking News!

According to a tweet I just read by Reverand Billy and the People's Puppets of Occupy, Williams has abruptly pulled out of construction of the Rockaway Pipeline Project. Above a photo of the quick celebratory dance that ensued.

Some reliable sources, who might be little birds or people who really really like to make puppets (who can tell the difference between anything these days?), said they had reliable information from a Williams spokesperson that project managers "like totally freaked out" after reading Wayne Parry's muckraking expose on the Port Ambrose project. Upon, hearing that the Port Ambrose project "would make much more sense as an export terminal"  a Williams' spokesperson uttered "hey now--what the frack are we still doing building this project to deliver into New York City for anyway when actually exporting off of our existing New York Lower Bay line would make more sense according to this crackerjack muckraking reporter Wayne Parry? This gig is up. We outta here."

The same sources said that FERC is considering referring to themselves as TWERK in an effort to make their hearings "more appealing to millenials and spirited creative activists who like to dance."

And in response to a Mark Ruffalo petition telling Sally Jewell to like "drop her fracking propoganda", a funloving fractivist called Jewell a whore, Jewell resigned in a huff and Obama asked Mark Ruffalo to be Secretary of the Interior instead.

 Maggie Schafer from Boulder, CO signed Mark Ruffalo's  petition on Jan 14, 2015.


Anything is possible. What? Seems a little over the top? All of it could have happened. Many times more ridiculous things actually have occurred and are occurring right now.

 P.S. The comment was real on the Ruffalo/Food and Water Watch petition to Jewell, which is real,  and the picture is actually part of what the circus surrounding the Rockaway Pipeline which spilled over into Port Ambrose consisted and continues to consist of.

 Want to read about some more about fractivists hijinks? Here is some on the Port Ambrose project from Environment America.

Alternative title for this post: All the news on the Rockaway Project and Port Ambrose is insane.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Hijack a Meeting Brought to You by the Usual (Antifracking) Suspects

Chip Northrup over at No Fracking Way doing some PR for Clare Donahue, Patrick Robbins, Ling Tsou, Kim Fraczek, Sane Energy and other fellow fracktivist friends like Catherine Skopic as they hijack the draft EIS hearing on the Port Ambrose LNG deliver project

How to Hijack a Meeting Brought to you by the Usual Suspects of the antifracking movement 

 The recipe is simple.

 1. Show up.

 2. Say Anything.
(For example if you are attending a draft EIS hearing on an LNG delivery project feel free to say that the project is secretly for export. Bring up another project perhaps. Who knows? The possibilities are endless. The meeting was scheduled of course for something specific but that matters very little as perhaps the agency holding the meeting actually sent out that notice in the federal register, prepared all of that paperwork simply to entertain themselves. There is almost nothing more entertaining than listening to citizens spout nonsense at public hearings. Chanting and songs are also charming. The less you read or know about what the actual meeting was supposed to be about, the better. Seriously. Details are for losers.)

 3. Take Pictures or hold a mock press release as well or do both.

 4. Self publish or get an unsuspecting reporter to do the same.

Number two is most important in order to properly hijack the meeting. The antifracking movement excels at this. They have been hijacking meetings and the news for at least the last two and half years as far as I can tell, specifically with the Rockaway Pipeline project and Port Ambrose. I haven't read the transcript of the recent hearing on the Port Ambrose LNG delivery project, but I've seen the transcript of both prior hearings and judging from the faces of some of those photographed, I'm sure the read through is going to be a hoot.

The Port Ambrose LNG secret trojan trap door for exporting all of the United State's natural gas supply draft EIS hearing apparently just occurred if one gets their news from antifracking sources. Sane Energy project's newsmakers and news reporters have the scoop. The project could be for export. The ships could be made out of chocolate delivering chocolate milk. ( I believe I once read a quote from Martha Cameron of the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline in the news about how the Rockaway Pipeline wasn't delivering chocolate milk as many had suspected. )

Anything is possible, particularly an entirely new world. At least that is what I learned from the folks at Occupy the Pipeline.

Port Ambrose, an LNG delivery project proposed to deliver into the very same pipeline that the Rockaway Lateral Project is currently being built off received a favorable draft EIS and a hearing was held on that draft EIS. Oddly the Port Ambrose project aims to deliver during peak periods which is when the Rockaway Lateral Pipeline could according to the actual paperwork submitted by Williams shift the natural gas supplies into the new pipe instead of sending them to Long Beach where they are now delivered.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Some Misinformation on Port Ambrose LNG making news

The usual suspects, ministers of misinformation- Jessica Roff (center) and Patrick Robbins (far left) described as representing New Yorkers Against Fracking and Sane Energy Project this time. 

1.)  I've pulled a few lines from On's coverage of a recent informational "community" meeting on the Port Ambrose LNG deepwater port that demonstrate what I have seen over the last several years with fractivists, the news and the Rockaway Project.
"On Monday night, two environmental activists came to the Macedonia Baptist Church in Arverne to point out their opposition to a small group of residents, journalists and politicians. In fact, of the fifteen people at the meeting, only four were residents without a financial reason to be at the meeting."

My interpretation of the two succinct sentences above is that they are spot on. They essentially describe what I have observed with the antifracking "movement's" efforts with the Rockaway Project and Port Ambrose project over the last two and half years: a small number of people with it seems unbelievable influence can produce almost complete misinformation campaigns from start to finish and never be called out for this.  These activists have incredible access mainly to journalists and politicians who often simply repeat what the activists say with zero fact-checking as the story in the Rockaway Times below demonstrates.

2.) The Rockaway Times prints misinformation written by Community Board 14 member John Cori on Port Ambrose,  brought to them by it seems the usual suspects at a community "informational hearing". The usual suspect sources are Patrick Robbins, now of Sane Energy formerly of Occupy the Pipeline, who generally considers himself to be an expert on all things energy, pipeline (and capitalism too) and Jessica Roff of New Yorkers Against Fracking. There is a direct link between the misinformation in John Cori's piece and the misguided and frankly obnoxious activism by the antifracking movement on the Rockaway pipeline project.

This time around though, we have a new twist to the equation, what is the true planned use of the LNG Port off of our shores?
Liberty Natural Gas LLC, Port Ambrose deepwater port, the projects applicant, claims the port’s use is solely for import only! The fears, raised by Jessica and Patrick, are that once the application is approved the port can and will easily be approved to become an export facility. This concern makes a lot of sense as New York State may very soon become the latest state to allow fracking.'

It's unlikely that John Cori actually realizes just how profound and sustained the misinformation campaign that Patrick Robbins and Jessica Roff are part of has been. I've witnessed it personally for two and half years and it still blows my mind. Mr. Cori perhaps still thinks the Rockaway project is a project that delivers 650,000dths per day of fracked gas straight from upstate New York which is probably how Jessica Roff has described it to him. Even though he attended the draft EIS hearing on the Rockaway project its likely he didn't realize that this draft was for two projects that were 85% about redistributing existing supplies and only 15% by volume about incremental gas. What I've noticed is that the loudest people tend only to hear themselves.

3.) And Dan Radel has a piece published over in Jersey  where Jim Walsh of Food and Water Watch opines that "there is no doubt in his mind the long term plan for this is to send this stuff overseas."  I doubt that Mr. Walsh of Food and Water Watch has ever read a single document on the Port Ambrose project, which has always been described as an LNG delivery project.

There is an alarming thing happening with activism, very specifically fractivism and the environmental groups or progressive "coalitions" associated with it today. Recent history is being erased and completely fictional accounts take their place. There are many many many times more inaccurate accounts produced by "reporters" on the Rockaway pipeline project than accounts that even come close to reality or fact. The same is true for social media information on the Rockaway project and for news on Port Ambrose.  More than a year ago even the NYtimes reported on Port Ambrose, mentioning the exporting conspiracy theory and featured Bruce Ferguson saying:

 Skeptics contend that the port is just a backdoor way for Liberty Natural Gas to build an export business, which would be more profitable than importation. The port would operate near the Marcellus Shale, which lies beneath parts of New York and Pennsylvania and contains natural gas that could be tapped, should a state moratorium on the extraction process known as hydrofracking be lifted.
 “I think these companies are determined to get in early,” said Bruce Ferguson, a founder of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy. “An import facility just isn’t credible. If there’s a deepwater port off Long Island, it’s going to be irresistible to fracking.” 

What isn't credible in that article is Bruce Ferguson's theory that Port Ambrose was going to be "irrestible to fracking". The narrative that Port Ambrose is secretly or obviously for export is deliberate misinformation. It was a year and a half ago when the NYtimes article on Port Ambrose featuring antifracking activist Bruce Ferguson, (who describes himself at that New Yorkers Against Fracking Link essentially as proud to be loud ) was published and it still is today. The unfunny joke is that many of these same activists will give great speeches about democracy and truth or public participation at public hearings. Currently they are asking MarAD to extend the public comment time frame on the Port Ambrose draft EIS all the while making it almost impossible for the public to even understand what it is they might be commenting on.

I'm pretty sure I am commenting right now right here on something that is profoundly wrong.

 (I used a screenshot of's coverage in this post.)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Port Ambrose LNG project just one example of the "relentlessness" of the antifracking movement

United For Action via Edie Kantrowitz launching rumor that Port Ambrose is an export facility days before the first public meetings on the project (summer 2013)

The antifracking movement in NY State is relentless all right. Above United for Action decides to call an LNG delivery project an export project so they can talk about fracking. And below Sandra Steingraber also calling the Port Ambrose project an export facility so she can talk about fracking.  Ms. Steingraber likely just passed on the information she was supplied. United for Action, on the other hand, is much more culpable. They were made aware that Liberty Natural Gas LLC had intervened in the Rockaway pipeline project docket in early February of 2013 and that the project was for import not export.