Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brigette Blood-- Roller Derby Name or Real Name? I Don't Even Want to Know.

Brigette Blood's contribution to the mythology of the Rockaway Pipeline Resistance Movement   -- Some Photos

Brigette Blood? Sounds like a derby name but here is the thing-- I would bet money at this point that if I actually searched I would likely find that this is someone with ties to Occupy. How is it that these people who on the beach claim to have been really involved in disaster relief and rebuilding the Rockaway community failed to notice some of National Grid's actual pipeline construction last summer?  I can pretty much guess  how it was that the people giving speeches on the beach were so spectacularly misinformed about the project. They likely got the information directly from Sane Energy, CARP or Occupy the Pipeline, the three top sites outside of the news that is with the most misinformation.

Why Is Catskill Mountainkeeper's Betta Broad advertisting for the new NoRockaway Pipeline Facebook folks?
  Why is Catskill Mountainkeeper's Betta Broad advertising for the new NoRockawayPipeline Facebook folks? Well that is easy enough to answer. Anti-fracking advocacy is the motivation. What did the NorockawayPipeline facebook page's flyers say? Here is what they said: "We also have plans for the summer! Come hell or high water, we are going to take over the beach and stop the rockaway pipeline for good." What exactly are these people talking about? Why are they being encouraged? Oh yeah some kind of muddled overlapping of they are the 99 percent stop fracking revolution.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Which People's Puppets are They Exactly?

The People's Puppets also acting as Sane Energy and Occupy the Pipeline refuse to stop spreading myths about the rockaway pipeline project that they created.
Exactly which people do these Puppets belong to anyway?

 Kim Fraczek, Jessica Roff and friends took a little romp over to Figment on Governor's Island to continue on with this little charade they have cooked up about the Rockaway Pipeline project. The "photojournalist" as he likes to refer to himself, Minister Erik McGregor gave a little speech about Minisink not the Rockaways or Riis beach or Floyd Bennett Field by the way when he came down to the Rockaway draft EIS hearing to "perform".

 It is literally, not figuratively, impossible at this point for Kim Fraczek and friends to believe the narrative they have concocted about the history of the Rockaway Pipeline project which conveniently for them begins with their own cooption of the story and the myth that Michael Grimm snuck a bill through Congress while the Rockaways were in the dark and cold post hurricane Sandy. Unless of course they are insane, which they very well might be.

 The real history of the rockaway pipeline project at least in terms of paperwork begins in 2009. The history on the bill that was passed also has a papertrail as well which begins in the summer of 2011 and that information is also available online. What happened to the real story and the real people who wrote postcards or letters or signed petitions against HR2606? Well it is buried beneath the pile of crap that activists have slung at it for the last two years.

Josh Fox with Kim Fraczek at event that is billed this time as a play.  I'm not entirely sure that people can tell the difference anymore between what is fiction and what is not. Not being able to distinguish reality is not exactly a sign of mental health. 

Let's make sure all these people get as famous as they would like to be.Who am I to get in the way of these legends in the making?

Alternative title of this post: Here are some people you should hire. Keep them busy ya know writing tunes and making stuff like plays, performances and license plates.

WPIX Produces Nonsense Story on Rockaway Pipeline

Magee Hickey of WPIX produces nonsense on the Rockaway Pipeline Project

It is not an accident that Magee Hickey at WPIX produced a nonsensical news story on the Rockaway Project on the heels of Nick Pinto's piece of blather in Gothamist. Her report is riddled with errors but it is happily passed along by most activists because it has exactly the language they want in that story. "650,000dths of fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale" to be specific. Ms. Hickey's report is sloppy to say the least. Inaccurate to say the most.

 Had anyone actually spent just a hair reading some of what the fantastic NoRockawayPipeline folks have to say what would have been apparent immediately is that they do not know what they are talking about at all and they do not make sense. Just one sentence alone captures this very well such as--- "It is doubtful that New York actually needs the gas, and many speculate that the gas transported through the pipeline will eventually be exported overseas..." Many? There are actually only a few completely unhinged activists saying this or drooling this and they have been posing as experts on the Rockaway Pipeline project. And somehow these are the people basically dictating all the news coverage on this project?

How can the media be so asleep? People are getting paid to produce this kind of drivel? It's absurd.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Maureen Healy of CARP, Occupy the Pipeline and United for Action Is Not a Credible Source

Maureen Healy sowing confusion behind her whereever she goes

I have a book in front of me titled "Informing the News, The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism".  A quote from From page 10-- "However there is something worse than an inadequately informed public and that's a misinformed public. It's one thing when citizens don't know something and realize it. It's another thing when citizens don't know something but think they know it, which is the new problem. It's the difference between ignorance and irrationality. Whatever else one might conclude about self-government, it's at risk when citizens don't know what they are talking about."

 How many places has Maureen Healy taken both her ignorance and irrationality and presented it as expertise? She is not just running around with a flyer. She is regularly in the news speaking about something that she both doesn't understand and also has gone out of her way in some cases to actually obscure real information about.

The history of the activism against the Rockaway Pipeline project has basically been one where the least informed people stand in the front of the room as if they were teachers. It's as if my young nieces walked into med school and started teaching classes. That is about how profoundly unqualified most of the activists pretending to be experts educating on the Rockaway Pipeline actually are. It would be one thing if they were simply just that confused themselves and not effecting reporters and other people. That is not the case at all however.

It would also be one thing if they were not constantly told the facts repeatedly. But they have been told the facts repeatedly. They are either unwilling to or simply incapable of absorbing them. Instead they get "creative".

PS. Ken Gale apparently has given this the facebook thumbs up and guess what? He is on the radio communicating, broadcasting to people about environmental issues!

Friday, July 25, 2014

And Now Some Social Media Bullying from Sane Energy

Sane Energy bullying tactic via social media
Clare Donahue of Sane Energy did not like it when I interrupted her at the Rockaway Draft EIS hearing to alert her to the fact that she was actually attending a hearing on the Rockaway pipeline project not the Spectra project. I believe she may have told me to be quiet and then I had to walk out. That Clare Donahue took the opportunity to speak about the 5000 people who opposed the Spectra pipeline or intervened on that project at the Rockaway hearing was basically offensive to anyone at all who was at the Rockaway draft EIS hearing to actually address the particular project the hearing was about. Occupy puppeteers took the opportunity to speak about another project by yet another company in another area of NY State.

This is what occurred at the Rockaway Draft EIS hearing. Ms. Donahue and friends simply decided that what they had to say was more important than the matter at hand the meeting was called for. This was in fact disruptive.

Ms. Donahue and friends over at Sane Energy and other groups keep thinking that they can simply write a story and it will become true. They do not like the fact that they have confused people and are being called out for doing so. Time and time again, they were told basic facts and time tables about not one but now four projects, all with histories and papertrails and always they opted to ignore the information they were provided with. Usually they chose to say almost completely the opposite of what they were told. If any of this information came from actual paperwork or notices on the project, I imagine they felt that this was propoganda. People were handed just a teeny bit of the mass of information that is actually in the rockaway FERC dockets and they refused to read or learn anything as they already had some talking points in mind that they felt were better.

I am not Cuomo, the mayor, the head of a corporation nor anyone with power and influence. I did not write the laws that we follow nor did I have anything to do with how FERC as an agency works. I don't appreciate activists attempts to silence me with bullying tactics via social media.  That is not what democracy looks like. I did not ask Occupy the Pipeline folks to fly a banner about Spectra and the Rockaway pipeline projects and scream at the League of Conservation Voters about fracking in 2013. As far as I know no one locally asked for that to happen. I repeatedly asked that Judith Canepa and friends not bring the exploding fracked gas radon pipeline signs leftover from Occupy the Pipeline's campaign against Spectra to Floyd Bennett field to protest National Grid's pipeline in the summer of 2013. Not only did they do so but a local Brooklyn paper at first made it seem like park folks were part of this protest. The pictures taken demonstrated otherwise.

Every week I get an update on the construction of this project in my email account. People are more confused about this project (and national grids, liberty natural gas llc) than they may have been even two years ago. Some of that is because the material is legnthy. Some of it is probably because there is some complexity to nearly every aspect of review and construction. Some of it is likely because various powers that be might find interacting with the public and communicating with them or addressing their concerns beyond them. But there is also a really really significant amount of confusion on this particular project that is directly the result of misinformation by activists.