Monday, September 16, 2013

Petition Against Science Hiatus at Brooklyn Botanic

                                     Native bee at home in this city that doesn't even stop to sleep

In the upside down world that we live in, science is going on a hiatus at Brooklyn Botanic and Flatbush Gardener, (a gardener and blogger) has started a petition along with some others for folks to sign if they perhaps think this is not such a fantastic idea.

For kicks I looked up the definitions of science and hiatus:
- knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observation
-a particular area of scientific study
-a subject that is formally studied
And as a synonym: knowledge.

-a period in time when something is stopped

In other news, Gateway National Recreation Area has released a draft EIS for their new General Management Plan for folks to comment on, where oddly enough their preferred "alternative" is not the alternative that has been identified by them as environmentally preferable.

"In accordance with the NPS NEPA Director’s Order 12 Handbook, the NPS identifies the
environmentally preferable alternative in its NEPA documents for public review and
comment (NPS 2001, section 4.5 E[9]). The environmentally preferable alternative is the
alternative that causes the least damage to the biological and physical environment and
best protects, preserves, and enhances historical, cultural, and natural resources. The
environmentally preferable alternative is identified upon consideration and weighing by
the Responsible Official of long-term environmental impacts against short-term impacts in
evaluating what is the best protection of these resources. In some situations, such as when
different alternatives impact different resources to different degrees, there may be more
than one environmentally preferable alternative (43 CFR 46.30).

Alternative C has been identified as the environmentally preferable alternative based on
the analysis of impacts, which identified it as least damaging to the biological and physical
environment and best at protecting and enhancing natural and cultural resources."

So what is going on hiatus over at Gateway? Logic?