Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Some Misinformation on Port Ambrose LNG making news

The usual suspects, ministers of misinformation- Jessica Roff (center) and Patrick Robbins (far left) described as representing New Yorkers Against Fracking and Sane Energy Project this time. 

1.)  I've pulled a few lines from On Rockaway.com's coverage of a recent informational "community" meeting on the Port Ambrose LNG deepwater port that demonstrate what I have seen over the last several years with fractivists, the news and the Rockaway Project.
"On Monday night, two environmental activists came to the Macedonia Baptist Church in Arverne to point out their opposition to a small group of residents, journalists and politicians. In fact, of the fifteen people at the meeting, only four were residents without a financial reason to be at the meeting."

My interpretation of the two succinct sentences above is that they are spot on. They essentially describe what I have observed with the antifracking "movement's" efforts with the Rockaway Project and Port Ambrose project over the last two and half years: a small number of people with it seems unbelievable influence can produce almost complete misinformation campaigns from start to finish and never be called out for this.  These activists have incredible access mainly to journalists and politicians who often simply repeat what the activists say with zero fact-checking as the story in the Rockaway Times below demonstrates.

2.) The Rockaway Times prints misinformation written by Community Board 14 member John Cori on Port Ambrose,  brought to them by it seems the usual suspects at a community "informational hearing". The usual suspect sources are Patrick Robbins, now of Sane Energy formerly of Occupy the Pipeline, who generally considers himself to be an expert on all things energy, pipeline (and capitalism too) and Jessica Roff of New Yorkers Against Fracking. There is a direct link between the misinformation in John Cori's piece and the misguided and frankly obnoxious activism by the antifracking movement on the Rockaway pipeline project.

This time around though, we have a new twist to the equation, what is the true planned use of the LNG Port off of our shores?
Liberty Natural Gas LLC, Port Ambrose deepwater port, the projects applicant, claims the port’s use is solely for import only! The fears, raised by Jessica and Patrick, are that once the application is approved the port can and will easily be approved to become an export facility. This concern makes a lot of sense as New York State may very soon become the latest state to allow fracking.'

It's unlikely that John Cori actually realizes just how profound and sustained the misinformation campaign that Patrick Robbins and Jessica Roff are part of has been. I've witnessed it personally for two and half years and it still blows my mind. Mr. Cori perhaps still thinks the Rockaway project is a project that delivers 650,000dths per day of fracked gas straight from upstate New York which is probably how Jessica Roff has described it to him. Even though he attended the draft EIS hearing on the Rockaway project its likely he didn't realize that this draft was for two projects that were 85% about redistributing existing supplies and only 15% by volume about incremental gas. What I've noticed is that the loudest people tend only to hear themselves.

3.) And Dan Radel has a piece published over in Jersey  where Jim Walsh of Food and Water Watch opines that "there is no doubt in his mind the long term plan for this is to send this stuff overseas."  I doubt that Mr. Walsh of Food and Water Watch has ever read a single document on the Port Ambrose project, which has always been described as an LNG delivery project.

There is an alarming thing happening with activism, very specifically fractivism and the environmental groups or progressive "coalitions" associated with it today. Recent history is being erased and completely fictional accounts take their place. There are many many many times more inaccurate accounts produced by "reporters" on the Rockaway pipeline project than accounts that even come close to reality or fact. The same is true for social media information on the Rockaway project and for news on Port Ambrose.  More than a year ago even the NYtimes reported on Port Ambrose, mentioning the exporting conspiracy theory and featured Bruce Ferguson saying:

 Skeptics contend that the port is just a backdoor way for Liberty Natural Gas to build an export business, which would be more profitable than importation. The port would operate near the Marcellus Shale, which lies beneath parts of New York and Pennsylvania and contains natural gas that could be tapped, should a state moratorium on the extraction process known as hydrofracking be lifted.
 “I think these companies are determined to get in early,” said Bruce Ferguson, a founder of Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy. “An import facility just isn’t credible. If there’s a deepwater port off Long Island, it’s going to be irresistible to fracking.” 

What isn't credible in that article is Bruce Ferguson's theory that Port Ambrose was going to be "irrestible to fracking". The narrative that Port Ambrose is secretly or obviously for export is deliberate misinformation. It was a year and a half ago when the NYtimes article on Port Ambrose featuring antifracking activist Bruce Ferguson, (who describes himself at that New Yorkers Against Fracking Link essentially as proud to be loud ) was published and it still is today. The unfunny joke is that many of these same activists will give great speeches about democracy and truth or public participation at public hearings. Currently they are asking MarAD to extend the public comment time frame on the Port Ambrose draft EIS all the while making it almost impossible for the public to even understand what it is they might be commenting on.

I'm pretty sure I am commenting right now right here on something that is profoundly wrong.

 (I used a screenshot of onrockaway.com's coverage in this post.)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Port Ambrose LNG project just one example of the "relentlessness" of the antifracking movement

United For Action via Edie Kantrowitz launching rumor that Port Ambrose is an export facility days before the first public meetings on the project (summer 2013)

The antifracking movement in NY State is relentless all right. Above United for Action decides to call an LNG delivery project an export project so they can talk about fracking. And below Sandra Steingraber also calling the Port Ambrose project an export facility so she can talk about fracking.  Ms. Steingraber likely just passed on the information she was supplied. United for Action, on the other hand, is much more culpable. They were made aware that Liberty Natural Gas LLC had intervened in the Rockaway pipeline project docket in early February of 2013 and that the project was for import not export.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How Extensive is the Antifracking Movement's Deceit on Port Ambrose?

Craig Stevens at Long Beach hearing contributing to his "movements" deceit about the Port Ambrose LNG delivery project in summer 2013

The antifracking movement's conspiracy theory that the Port Ambrose LNG delivery project currently proposed for offshore of Long Island is secretly an export project is widespread among the NY state antifracking movement. From Sandra Steingraber via her 30 days against fracking (and LNG) regs to Craig Stevens who took it upon himself to appear at both the Port Ambrose LNG meeting last summer and the draft EIS hearing on the rockaway project.

One can read Bruce Ferguson opine on how this project is of course for export in many places. Here's one: http://nyagainstfracking.org/governor-cuomo-veto-port-ambrose-now-3/  Ooh and here is another:  https://indypendent.org/2014/04/04/wind-waves-and-liquified-natural-gas

What are some facts about Liberty's Port Ambrose project, the prior LNG delivery project proposed for offshore of Long Island's coast and the Rockaway lateral project?

1. In 2009, the company that wanted to build the prior proposal said in writing in the prefile docket that in their opinion the Rockaway Lateral Project would "help facilitate" their own ability to deliver incremental supply. This company also stated that Williams was providing misleading information about their knowledge of this LNG delivery project.

2. It is hard to fathom how Liberty Natural Gas LLC could deliver the amount of incremental supply that their Port Ambrose project is described as being able to deliver without the Rockaway Lateral Project expansion. It is likewise hard to fathom how anyone at all who is a registered intervenor or who has read any specific details on the Rockaway Project could entertain the thought that Port Ambrose is secretly intended for export.

3. The fractivist movement was supplied this info a long time ago and also repeatedly. This information however would not provide the antifracking movement a convenient excuse to rally on Long Island so they simply chose to lie.

Some Fractivist tactics-- what successful movements are made of

http://saneenergyproject.org/port-ambrose-liquefied-natural-gas-off-long-islands-shores/  Clare Donahue and friends interpretation of what Port Ambrose, an LNG delivery project is. (Hint: The only tactic I have ever seen these activists use is deceit)

With todays perhaps surprising news that the Cuomo administration will ban fracking in NY, I have seen many tweets and statements celebrating the power of "the antifracking movement", most of course written by those in "the movement". Having seen up close and personal how this "movement" operates over the last two plus years, I can only say that the lesson I have learned is that the most necessary ingredient for a movement's success is to be willing to win no matter what the cost. What was the cost for this movement to win in NY state? It's hard to say as the cost may not be completely tabulated yet if as the governor anticipates lawsuits do ensue.

For my part, I think it's fair to say that one of the costs is that the environmental movement has lost a lot of credibility. They certainly don't appear to be too concerned with facts. Nor do they appear to care much about the people they run over along the way.

Recently a video was produced by the fractivist movement, specifically by two women, Susan Van Dolsen and Betta Broad. Neither has any connection specifically with Gateway National Recreation Area or the Rockaways. The video produced under the Love New York Don't Frack It Up campaign is interesting to say the least. It features restaurant owners, Councilman Donavan Richards-- people with zero activity at all in the Rockaway Pipeline issue. And it ends with a conspiracy created by the antifracking movement: that the LNG delivery project known as Port Ambrose is secretly intended to be an export project. Via Love NY Don't Frack it Up's social media efforts and the tweets of others, I've learned that their Rockaway episode was recently screened at Queens College. This is one way "movements" work-- through deceit.

A draft EIS was recently released on the Port Ambrose project which the antifracking movement has deliberately chosen to create a conspiracy theory on. A notice from the United States Coast Guard says the following:

"Please note that this application is only for the construction and operation of a deepwater port that could only be used as a natural gas import facility. The considerable technical, operational, and environmental differences between import and export operations for natural gas deepwater ports is such that any licensed deepwater port facility that proposed to convert from import to export operations would be required to submit a new license application (including application fee) and conform to all licensing requirements and regulations in effect at such time of application. In addition to payment of the application fee, licensing requirements include, but are not limited to, completion of an extensive environmental impact assessment and financial resources review which would include public participation."

Liberty Natural Gas LLC intervened in the Rockaway Lateral FERC docket in the winter of 2013. Pretty soon that will be two years ago. Liberty stated that their project might be effected by the outcome of the Rockaway Lateral docket. The last company that wanted to build an LNG project offshore of the Rockaways in 2009 in the Rockaway prefile docket said that the Rockaway lateral expansion would "help facilitate" their ability to deliver new supply.  Unlike Susan Van Dolsen and Betta Broad's theory that Port Ambrose is likely intended for export, there is actually a document that backs up what I am saying. 

Susan Van Dolsen is a liar. So is Betta Broad. So is Sandra Steingraber as Ms. Steingraber herself has written about how Port Ambrose is certainly secretly intended to export Marcellus Shale Gas. That is what it generally takes to win though. (that and some Occupy puppets!)

I guess there could be a silver lining in that this issue in NY state will be resolved. However, since I've recently seen Kim Fraczek of Occupy and Sane Energy in the news giving advice on other pipeline infrastructure, via Sane Energy's anti-infrastructure campaingn (the You are Here Map campaign) I tend to think "the movement" is just beginning its reign. 

Below some "movement" members from their antifracking campout at Floyd Bennett Field in the summer of 2013. 

Dominic RyanBecky Wartell,Owsspag ApolloDanovis SchuffordSteve Powersuit,Andrea LomantoKaos RageDesirĂ©e J. DeLoachAllan EatonSusanne IkekpolorMonica HunkenKim Fraczekand Minister Erik R. McGregor.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sane Energy Project Revising History on the Rockaway Lateral Delivery Project

In the neverending saga that is the incredible story of completely nuts activists behaving badly, the folks at Sane Energy Project continue on with what I could only describe at this point as madness. The latest bit of revisionary history on the Rockaway Lateral Project can be found at a new "tool" these folks have created which according to their facebook page states:

 " The Rockaway pipeline, which was proposed under-the-radar while the Rockaways were still reeling from Superstorm Sandy in 2012 and is currently under construction under Riis Beach, will bring radon-laced gas into Brooklyn homes and businesses, presenting further cancer risks and explosion risks for nearby families who have already been through the worst." 

 If only I had known just how insane these folks are when I met them back in the summer of 2012!  Dave Doll, featured as a spokesperson on the Rockaway Pipeline project, incidentally was at Riis Beach in the late summer of 2012 (a few months prior to Hurricane Sandy!) helping to get signatures from park goers against the bill that was passed on this project, HR2606.  So it isn't like it is remotely possible that he might actually believe that the Rockaway Pipeline was proposed while the Rockaways were still reeling from Superstorm Sandy.  I couldn't say why these activists are so attached to this particular myth which they created on this project since it is so easily refuted. I certainly have my guesses though and they aren't flattering.

According to non-revisionary history that actually is documented, the Rockaway Lateral Project moved "under the radar" in 2009. Paperwork on the project in FERC begins then. That's approximately three and half years prior to Hurricane Sandy. The significant change that occurred while the project was "under the radar" was the location of the metering station which was not originally proposed for historic hangars in Floyd Bennett Field and then also the introduction of HR2606 in 2011 without any public discussion.  By most people's accounts, and as documented in the news, the public first became aware of the Rockaway Lateral Project upon the news breaking that HR2606 had quietly been passed by the House under a suspension of the rules in early February of 2012. The public was then introduced to the project in late April of 2012 after the National Park Service had testified in support of HR2606 in Senate subcomittee as well.

I imagine that the people who wrote letters to Senators or the National Park Service or anyone who wrote one of Joe's postcard letters against HR2606 would be mighty surprised to hear Clare Donahue, Patrick Robbins and Kim Fraczek of Sane Energy's latest interpretation of history.  Since I've seen these people speak upside down for the last two plus years I can't say I'm terribly surprised at this point though.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Just When You Thought Their Might be No More faux news on the Rockaway Pipeline Project


There is the certifiable Judith Canepa once again in the news. This time she is featured with an artist who just moved to the rockaways (as in post Hurricane Sandy) who appears to be believe that she now represents the "residents" (as in plural)  that the article's headline claim want the project halted. The fact that this artist uses "disaster capitalism" as the excuse for how HR2606 was passed is ironic, as it appears Victoria Barber found opportunity herself in Hurricane Sandy, both to relocate to the area and express herself through a new photography project. Those of us with our feet on the ground know that Senate passed HR2606 about a month prior to Hurricane Sandy-- and the Senate did so in a late night move with no notice from the Senate National Park Subcommitte which is where that bill was sitting. We also know that nearly all of the testimony in Senate was about Floyd Bennett Field. The lease of the historic hangars, the most controversial aspect of this project,  Al Jazeera doesn't even cover at all in this mostly inaccurate article. The reporter just refers to the buildings as "old".

The rockaway pipeline project is the gift to Floyd Bennett Field and Gateway National Recreation Area that just keeps on giving and giving and giving. 

In the two and half years that have passed since I first learned about HR2606, the bill that was necessary for the Rockaway pipeline project to move forward via NY1, I've mostly seen people at their absolute worst and the most surprising thing of all for me has been is that the people behaving the worst have consistently been the activists and environmentalists not the gas companies. that really is the shocker.

Update: OMG-- is it possible that Al Jazeera pulled this story because of the factual errors? If so--this would be a first. From Gothamist to City Limits I've been trying to get fact free stories retracted or corrected for some time now with no success so I'm not going to hold my breath that this is the reason the link no longer works.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Do I Still Live in the United States of America or have we officially changed our name to the "Occupied" States of America?

Kim Fraczek, multitasker extraordinaire, giving a demonstration to Zephyr Teachout all she has mislearned about pipelines. Kim may be representing Occupy the Pipeline, the People's Puppets of Occupy, Sane Energy or Food not Fracking or alternately the 99 percent which I think means ahem, all of us.

People I bet think I am joking when I say that while they were sleeping or taking a picture of their lunch Occupy ended up both writing the news and being featured in the news, but I'm not entirely joking at all.

 Is it absurd to watch as activists like Kim Fraczek or the folks over at Sane Energy cozy up to politicians, give advice to politicians, perhaps write bills (?!?) or be featured regularly via all kinds of "news" saying things that are more times than not almost completely fact free? (Link to the unholy trinity of Kim Fraczek, Jessica Roff and Eric Weltman on BRIC "independent media" making almost no sense whatsoever on the topic of fracking and Brooklyn).  Yes. It is the most absurd thing I have ever witnessed in my life. And since I don't actually live in that "Bizarro Jerry" Seinfeld episode where everything is backwards or upside down, it is also a bit frightening.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Betta Broad, Maureen Healy and Judith Canepa-- Fun and hilarity 24/7 on the misinformation highway

Betta Broad is filming some antifracking propaganda featuring the non-stop hilarity of activists Maureen Healy and Judith Canepa

Betta Broad and friends at Love NY, Don't Frack it Up are continuing on with what appears to be the most superfun tactic of the antifracking activist world, using the Rockaway Pipeline project to promote misinformation and myth or as folks like to say in the community organizing world, "promoting awareness". What kind of serious topics have Maureen Healy and Judith Canepa made fun? Well they thought it might be fun/funny to ponder whether the Rockaway pipeline project is secretly for export. They thought it might be fun/funny to have a human pipeline event at Floyd Bennett Field where they could play at being both experts on the Rockaway Pipeline project and stakeholders locally effected. For anyone who knows just a hair about the Rockaway Pipeline project, what these ladies have to say is a hoot and a half but I'm pretty sure not in the way that Betta Broad of Love NY Don't Frack It Up and other "groups" actually intends.

 Here are some fun links to the latest hysterical things that are currently being said about the Rockaway pipeline project:

 1. A Call to Resistance Camp Against the Rockaway Pipeline advertised by some folks called Deep Green Resistance. Interesting info from them includes this refreshingly fun statement on the Underground Actions section of their website :  "The Underground Action Calendar exists to publicize and normalize the use of militant and underground tactics in the fight for justice and sustainability." What normalizing the use of "militant tactics" means is anyone's guess. That doesn't sound like camping to me. 

2. A strange video by someone named Louis Proyect, "The Unrepentant Marxist" apparently a moniker of choice. Interestingly enough Mr. Proyect also has made a video of the Left forum's recent panel called "Fighting the Frack Monster".  The panel was chaired by Peter Rugh, who is either a reporter or activist or both, although he is billed at this panel as reprenting the group  "System Change not Climate Change".  One superinteresting thing about this panel is that it included a "reporter" for deSmog Blog and an activist in California with surprise suprise!-- ties to Occupy. Has Peter Rugh ever written something about the Rockaway Pipeline project that is myth? Well yes he has. 

3. In a piece titled "Everything you need to know about fracking", apparently not written by Woody Allen though, the latest bit of misinformation to get absorbed and passed on by a "reporter" is that the exploding fracked gas rockaway pipeline project goes under two beaches now, not one.  

In other fun news I listened to a phone message from Zephyr Teachout asking for a vote tomorrow as she would like to be governor. She may or may not be getting her info on pipelines and therefore energy infrastructure from Occupy puppetmakers. 

The rockaway pipeline project has been interesting for a long time now. Way more interesting than one could ever imagine. The way it has been manipulated by activists and then covered in the news is one of the most interesting things I've seen in a while. 


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rockaway Pipeline -- the Myths and Misinformation keep going and going and going

The signs usually accurately represent what the activists are against-- The latest Rockaway pipeline fighters most accurately would be described as being against "All Pipelines and All markets" 

The latest piece of propaganda (and it is that or just a really inaccurate news report on the Rockaway Pipeline project) came via Al Jazeera this week and just like Mr. Pinto who wrote about the pipeline for Gothamist and Vice, the reporter who wrote the article is supposed to be highly educated, specifically in the field of journalism. There are too many things wrong with Peter Moskowitz's rendition of reality on the rockaway pipeline project to name them all but for starters, and probably most importantly, he has chosen to use unreliable and uninformed sources to tell the tale. Maureen Healy for one is an unreliable source as the coalition she belongs to lacks merit. The other sources appear to be a woman who is new to the Rockaway area and an activist involved with another issue, cycling. What is false or alternately misleading about Mr. Moskowitz story? Almost everything. One has to wonder right off the bat why it is that Mr. Moskowitz and/or his editor at Al Jazeera could not find a photo of Jacob Riis beach and instead used a photo of a beach miles away from it. The photo that accompanied the story of course fits in nicely with the false narrative of the story-- that number one it is residents in the rockaways who are telling this story and who are opposed to this project because they are deeply concerned about their safety because of this project. Almost the exact opposite though is true and that can be said for almost every other detail in the rest of Peter Moskowitz's "report" as well.

 Ms. Victoria Barber, who may or may not be using the destruction by Hurricane Sandy to promote her art, is the latest to promote the myth that the people of the Rockaways did not know about HR2606 because the bill was magically written, introduced and moved through both houses of Congress and on to the Presidents desk in the time period following Hurricane Sandy while they were in the dark and cold. Of course Maureen Healy of CARP, the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline, the other source absolutely knows that this is not the case. Maureen Healy knows that thousands of people signed petitions and wrote letters against that bill prior to Hurricane Sandy. She may not have run a post card writing campaign against that bill single-handedly like Joe did but she knows very well that the greatest number of people who opposed that bill were Gateway National Recreation Area users.

There isn't a kind way to say this-- Maureen Healy, more often than not, in her activism chooses lies or myth over truth. Al Jazeera's rendition of the rockaway pipeline project is like most renditions--- long on hype and fear and really really short on fact. And that is the most kind thing that can be said about that news article. If Al Jazeera was concerned about getting the facts straight on the Rockaway Pipeline project, the reality is that Peter Moskowitz' entire story would likely need to be retracted. It is that far from the truth.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Love NY: Don't Frack it Up and the Misinformation Highway

Betta Broad of Catskills Mountainkeeper and Susan Van Dolsen of SAPE and other antifracking groups

It will be impossible for Betta Broad and Susan Van Dolsen to produce an "episode" on the Rockaway Pipeline project that comes anywhere near truth when their sources are without merit and their knowledge of the topic they are covering is minimal. The result will be more confusion but they won't care because their point will only be to draw attention to the topic they care about and as long as they get the word frack in there it will be all good.

 When Nick Pinto who seems to specialize in pipeline opposition covered the Rockaway project for Gothamist and Vice, some of the reasons his reports were riddled in error are the same. From even the first sentence where he appears to think that Riis beach is in Brooklyn, his report demonstrates not his mastery of the topic he is writing about, but the opposite in fact. The Rockaway Pipeline is 26 inches in diameter with only a certain right of way on either side of its path. It does not pass under two beaches, (Riis and Tilden) but rather one. These errors only have to do with the location of a single cylinder. There are multiple maps on the project in different reports as well as actual maps of the city that one can even view on their computer so it is not like Mr. Pinto needed a FOIA request to get the details straight. Is it picayune to point out that Nick Pinto cannot even get the location of the project down straight, never mind other details more complicated than where this one pipe is going and what borough the Rockaway peninsula is in? It isn't when you consider that all of the activists have made it a point to confuse where this project is being built as well. Nick Pinto's errors are a result of him not knowing the topic he is writing about and him getting information on it from people who also don't know what they are talking about. Who are those people? They are defined as activists. Their activism is mostly connected (although not entirely) to antifracking opposition.

 Is it picayune to also point out that Mr Pinto also inaccurately states that Congressman Grimm introduced HR2606 in 2012? At least he didn't quote Clare Donahue's insane theory from his prior "article" in the gothamist about how less than a month after Sandy, Grimm pushed the law through Congress. The National Park Service and the city of NY in fact give testimony on that bill in the tail end of September 2011, more than a year prior to Mr. Pinto's version of reality, a hearing was had in Senate subcommittee in March of 2012, and the Senate passed their amended version of HR2606 a month prior to Hurricane Sandy. If a reporter cannot even get the who, the what, the when and the where down straight they are not doing quality journalism.

Mr. Pinto's reporting is flawed because he won't do his own research and because he doesn't understand that his sources (and they are activists) on a topic he is uninformed about are not trustworthy. The team of people who came together to produce misinformation on the rockaway project have unfortunately demonstrated that certain activists cannot be taken at their word. Those activists are not just effecting reporters. They actually are influencing people all over New York State and elsewhere, everywhere that a natural gas pipeline is proposed. Remember that they are pretending to be experts on a permitting process that is more complicated than a simple map of a straight line.

Journalists it seems won't look at what all of this means from a broader perspective. What has occurred with the Rockaway Pipeline project, the activism surrounding it and how the media has covered the issues is not actually a small unimportant story. It is one of the important stories of the day.

The militant survivalists, antifrackers and occupying forces who Mr. Pinto deems it important to give a platform to, have again decided they will demonstrate down at Riis.  As they say this will be a commentary on "what world we want to see". I want to see informed citizens in the world not the opposite.  Those activists don't care about the world I would choose to see though.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Let's give Peter Eliscu Another Moment to Shine with the Rockaway Pipeline Project

Peter Eliscu, Photographs the NYC Cargo Bike Collective's Epic Sign "Get the Frack Outta New York City" at Riis beach.

Let's not just celebrate Mr. Eliscu's photography (link to Mr. Eliscu's photographs being used by Gary Goff of Brooklyn for Peace's "opinion" piece on the Rockaway Pipeline in the wave) or video making skills. I will amplify his words here as written to FERC.

"The burden of proof for justifying the approval of a project should lie squarely on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. This is not an instance of “benign until proven harmful,” but just the opposite. The Commission seems to have taken the erroneous position on project after project that it has no responsibility to insure that the public, the environment, and the planet itself are protected by its actions. This is the crux of the matter, and it is unconscionable. No project should be given a green light without demonstrating beyond a reasonable scientific doubt that it will not jeopardize the citizens who are in reality the foundation of government. Contrary to this underlying principle of democracy, the majority of the members of the Commission appear to have aligned themselves with the fossil fuel industry, which clearly poses a threat to the safety, health, and future of the planet. In my opinion, by voting in the past to approve dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure projects like the Rockaway Lateral Delivery Project now under consideration, these individuals have broken the trust that was given them not only by the residents of New York State, but by the citizens in all states. It is time to rectify this betrayal of trust and reject any further incursions of the gas industry infrastructure into New York State."

Like most of the all-pipeline, ban fracking now, all fossil fuel and sometimes all energy other than wind and solar and also capitalism fighters, Mr. Eliscu fails to understand that FERC does not write our laws. Rather it is our elected representatives that do. And like most of the people who wrote into FERC under docket CP13-36 and PF09-8, he addressed not the particular project the docket was about, but some other issue, in this case his opinion that FERC has broken the trust given them not only by residents of New York State but by the citizens in all states by voting to approve fossil fuel infrastructure projects. Mr. Eliscu it seems can't even distinguish what fossil fuel infrastructure FERC even has jurisdiction over.

The Rockaway Pipeline project required an Act of Congress. In that sense part of the way the project moved forward wasn't abstractly about what we call democracy by any means. HR2606, which is now public law 112-197, was about a right of way for a natural gas pipeline through a park, the beach at riis and golf course primarily, and it was also about the lease of historic structures in the park to Williams for a metering station. What is not debated among people, whatever their position on the project might be or was, is the fact that most people didn't know about the bill or the project until the bill passed in the House and the fact is that the first public meetings on the project occurred after all testimony had already been heard in both houses of Congress on that bill as well.

But let's celebrate Mr. Eliscu illuminating for us what the issues are and what democracy is according to him.

What the NYC Bike Cargo Collective thinks this project has to do with cargo bikes, who knows? Some people like to party. Others just like to protest.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Is that the Damascus Citizens for Safe Energy's lawyer at recent Riis beach Rockaway Pipeline protest?

Is this Damascus Citizens for Safe Energy's lawyer Jeff Zimmerman at recent rockaway pipeline protest event held by unnamed activists spewing pure nonsense?

It looks a lot like him to me.

Environmenttv by the way produces some truly fascinating material. Charlie Olson, this Duffernutter and Mr. Eliscu, much like Kim Fraczek, Erik Mcgregor and Clare Donahue surely deserve to be famous.

And now for a new vocabulary word: Blockupy brought to the world by the folks it seems the gentleman who looks like Damascus Citizen's lawyer Jeff Zimmerman was at the beach with.

New York Year Zero coins the phrase Blockupy!

 Who makes up Damascus Citizens for Safe Energy anyway? Well at least these two women do and it is awfully strange to me that two women who belong to this group which is registered as an intervenor in the Rockaway docket could be speak so profoundly fact free about this project. What are Ruth Hardinger and Barbara Arindall described as? Amazingly enough-- artists.

Alternate title for this post: Exactly what game are Damascus Citizens for Safe Energy and friends, including New York Year Zero, playing at with the Rockaway Pipeline Project?

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Peter Eliscu's Rockaway Pipeline Protest Video Full of Misinformation Back On the Web

Luke no last name Edumacating

 Peter Eliscu, who from videos at least seems to be enthralled with the Occupy Movement, recently put his video of the recent Rockaway Pipeline Protest back up online ( a revised version). How much misinformation does this video contain?
  Unnamed edumucater

 Well this particular gentleman, who gave a long speech, has nearly every detail wrong about the pipeline from its depth below the beach to its depth underwater at sea to what "protected" Riis beach to the law that was passed and why it was necessary to the time that act (HR2606) moved though Congress. According to the engineers, the metering station is also designed (although the details of the design are not public for critical infrastructure reasons) to capture at least some of the methane that might otherwise be released from Williams system to deliver to National Grids. Nearly every detail that comes out of his mouth on this project is in fact completely false. Never mind the fact that the Rockaway Pipeline project is much more about redistributing supplies than about incremental gas and that the project being reviewed right now that appears to be following it, is in fact an LNG import project known as Port Ambrose.

 The reason for this is quite simple. One big reason this young man is spectacularly misinformed about the rockaway pipeline project is because of information he has received via fellow activists who have spent two long years upending reality. The other is a combination of lack of communication by those in charge and failure by the media to convey factual information on this project. The facts on the Rockaway Pipeline project are buried in very very long papertrails. Those papertrails are available online. They are in FERC documents that date back to 2009 and they are in the Congressional record on HR2606 as well.

 Is misinfomation instructive or is it destructive? Well if you are someone walking around in the world who prefers to know what is really going on, it is in fact destructive. Who is this young man being encouraged by? Well unfortunately right now he is being spurred on by quite a few environmental leaders. Did Bill McKibben tweet about no rockaway pipeline's rally and let's remember these folks are unnamed and spectacularly misinformed about this pipeline? Yes he did.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Mike Check

David Braun of United for Action, Americans Against fracking with microphone Mike? Affirmative.
Catherine Skopic at just one of the gas pipeline hearings she has attended. Mike? Check.(as in put in a check in the box to signify yes.) Did Ms. Skopic former art teacher in Mineola school district curse at me at the rockaway hearing where she came to give a speech on fracking she has likely given before? Yup.

  Kim Fraczek of Occupy the Pipeline, Sane Energy, The People's Puppets and Foodnot Fracking at FERC protest likely peforming the FERC rubber stamp machine song set to the tune of Yellow Submarine.

If you haven't witnessed people screaming into microphones about things they know little about or mic-checking it Occupy style whereever, you really are missing out on the story of our times.

Occupiedland (Now this should be a documentary)

In Waging Non-violence, the latest mythmaker a Mr. Yates McKee writes about the militant survivalists of Woodbine 1882 currently "organizing" to stop the "planned" Rockaway Pipeline with "local groups" through meals, beach parties sports and an Arts Demonstration Against the Pipeline this August 9th. Mr. McKee it seems like most of the artists and revolutionaries doesn't know what he is talking about. The Rockaway Pipeline isn't just planned. It is under construction.

The title of the article "Art after Occupy". Like I said-- you couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

Yesterday was Throwback Thursday so below I'm throwing out what happened the last time Bill Mckibben organized an anti-pipeline event in NYC and the artists represented. Occupy artists cooked up a Cantastoria where they didn't just shave years off the Rockaway Pipeline's history. They promoted a conspiracy theory that the gas the project will deliver is secretly for export.

What Was More important for Activists than the truth

Occupy the Pipeline goes out for a sail   


and like the rest of the world right now, documenting themselves constantly and posting everything to a social networking site for posterity.

  No wonder all the facts on the project couldn't get out. Getting the details out would have required real work and the activists were too busy having some fun.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street Save The World (The Documentary)

Kim Fraczek and Jessica Roff participate with the People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street in Cove Point Maryland by demonstrating visually in this artistic "installation" exactly how it is in their minds that FERC does not work.

 The People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street have been keeping it unreal on the Rockaway Pipeline project circa sometime in late 2012. Here is my interpretation of the photo above. Kim Fraczek would like a microphone in front of her face at all times as she has something it seems to say. Let's get this gal on TV. When is Katie Couric or someone going to do the interview?

What arty fun are the People's Puppet's up to today I wonder and will it get in the news?  Well what they are doing tonight might not get in the news but rest assured whatever imagery and show material they come up with will. How is it that there isn't a film crew just documenting these people all the time for a wonderful new reality show titled of course " The People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street (and musical friends) Save the World."?

Scene from the epic Campout against the Pipeline at Floyd Bennett Field. Did the resulting action from this campout make it in the news? You betcha!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brigette Blood-- Roller Derby Name or Real Name? I Don't Even Want to Know.

Brigette Blood's contribution to the mythology of the Rockaway Pipeline Resistance Movement   -- Some Photos

Brigette Blood? Sounds like a derby name but here is the thing-- I would bet money at this point that if I actually searched I would likely find that this is someone with ties to Occupy. How is it that these people who on the beach claim to have been really involved in disaster relief and rebuilding the Rockaway community failed to notice some of National Grid's actual pipeline construction last summer?  I can pretty much guess  how it was that the people giving speeches on the beach were so spectacularly misinformed about the project. They likely got the information directly from Sane Energy, CARP or Occupy the Pipeline, the three top sites outside of the news that is with the most misinformation.

Why Is Catskill Mountainkeeper's Betta Broad advertisting for the new NoRockaway Pipeline Facebook folks?
  Why is Catskill Mountainkeeper's Betta Broad advertising for the new NoRockawayPipeline Facebook folks? Well that is easy enough to answer. Anti-fracking advocacy is the motivation. What did the NorockawayPipeline facebook page's flyers say? Here is what they said: "We also have plans for the summer! Come hell or high water, we are going to take over the beach and stop the rockaway pipeline for good." What exactly are these people talking about? Why are they being encouraged? Oh yeah some kind of muddled overlapping of they are the 99 percent stop fracking revolution.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Which People's Puppets are They Exactly?

The People's Puppets also acting as Sane Energy and Occupy the Pipeline refuse to stop spreading myths about the rockaway pipeline project that they created.
Exactly which people do these Puppets belong to anyway?

 Kim Fraczek, Jessica Roff and friends took a little romp over to Figment on Governor's Island to continue on with this little charade they have cooked up about the Rockaway Pipeline project. The "photojournalist" as he likes to refer to himself, Minister Erik McGregor gave a little speech about Minisink not the Rockaways or Riis beach or Floyd Bennett Field by the way when he came down to the Rockaway draft EIS hearing to "perform".

 It is literally, not figuratively, impossible at this point for Kim Fraczek and friends to believe the narrative they have concocted about the history of the Rockaway Pipeline project which conveniently for them begins with their own cooption of the story and the myth that Michael Grimm snuck a bill through Congress while the Rockaways were in the dark and cold post hurricane Sandy. Unless of course they are insane, which they very well might be.

 The real history of the rockaway pipeline project at least in terms of paperwork begins in 2009. The history on the bill that was passed also has a papertrail as well which begins in the summer of 2011 and that information is also available online. What happened to the real story and the real people who wrote postcards or letters or signed petitions against HR2606? Well it is buried beneath the pile of crap that activists have slung at it for the last two years.

Josh Fox with Kim Fraczek at event that is billed this time as a play.  I'm not entirely sure that people can tell the difference anymore between what is fiction and what is not. Not being able to distinguish reality is not exactly a sign of mental health. 

Let's make sure all these people get as famous as they would like to be.Who am I to get in the way of these legends in the making?

Alternative title of this post: Here are some people you should hire. Keep them busy ya know writing tunes and making stuff like plays, performances and license plates.

WPIX Produces Nonsense Story on Rockaway Pipeline

Magee Hickey of WPIX produces nonsense on the Rockaway Pipeline Project

It is not an accident that Magee Hickey at WPIX produced a nonsensical news story on the Rockaway Project on the heels of Nick Pinto's piece of blather in Gothamist. Her report is riddled with errors but it is happily passed along by most activists because it has exactly the language they want in that story. "650,000dths of fracked gas from the Marcellus Shale" to be specific. Ms. Hickey's report is sloppy to say the least. Inaccurate to say the most.

 Had anyone actually spent just a hair reading some of what the fantastic NoRockawayPipeline folks have to say what would have been apparent immediately is that they do not know what they are talking about at all and they do not make sense. Just one sentence alone captures this very well such as--- "It is doubtful that New York actually needs the gas, and many speculate that the gas transported through the pipeline will eventually be exported overseas..." Many? There are actually only a few completely unhinged activists saying this or drooling this and they have been posing as experts on the Rockaway Pipeline project. And somehow these are the people basically dictating all the news coverage on this project?

How can the media be so asleep? People are getting paid to produce this kind of drivel? It's absurd.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Maureen Healy of CARP, Occupy the Pipeline and United for Action Is Not a Credible Source

Maureen Healy sowing confusion behind her whereever she goes

I have a book in front of me titled "Informing the News, The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism".  A quote from From page 10-- "However there is something worse than an inadequately informed public and that's a misinformed public. It's one thing when citizens don't know something and realize it. It's another thing when citizens don't know something but think they know it, which is the new problem. It's the difference between ignorance and irrationality. Whatever else one might conclude about self-government, it's at risk when citizens don't know what they are talking about."

 How many places has Maureen Healy taken both her ignorance and irrationality and presented it as expertise? She is not just running around with a flyer. She is regularly in the news speaking about something that she both doesn't understand and also has gone out of her way in some cases to actually obscure real information about.

The history of the activism against the Rockaway Pipeline project has basically been one where the least informed people stand in the front of the room as if they were teachers. It's as if my young nieces walked into med school and started teaching classes. That is about how profoundly unqualified most of the activists pretending to be experts educating on the Rockaway Pipeline actually are. It would be one thing if they were simply just that confused themselves and not effecting reporters and other people. That is not the case at all however.

It would also be one thing if they were not constantly told the facts repeatedly. But they have been told the facts repeatedly. They are either unwilling to or simply incapable of absorbing them. Instead they get "creative".

PS. Ken Gale apparently has given this the facebook thumbs up and guess what? He is on the radio communicating, broadcasting to people about environmental issues!

Friday, July 25, 2014

And Now Some Social Media Bullying from Sane Energy

Sane Energy bullying tactic via social media
Clare Donahue of Sane Energy did not like it when I interrupted her at the Rockaway Draft EIS hearing to alert her to the fact that she was actually attending a hearing on the Rockaway pipeline project not the Spectra project. I believe she may have told me to be quiet and then I had to walk out. That Clare Donahue took the opportunity to speak about the 5000 people who opposed the Spectra pipeline or intervened on that project at the Rockaway hearing was basically offensive to anyone at all who was at the Rockaway draft EIS hearing to actually address the particular project the hearing was about. Occupy puppeteers took the opportunity to speak about another project by yet another company in another area of NY State.

This is what occurred at the Rockaway Draft EIS hearing. Ms. Donahue and friends simply decided that what they had to say was more important than the matter at hand the meeting was called for. This was in fact disruptive.

Ms. Donahue and friends over at Sane Energy and other groups keep thinking that they can simply write a story and it will become true. They do not like the fact that they have confused people and are being called out for doing so. Time and time again, they were told basic facts and time tables about not one but now four projects, all with histories and papertrails and always they opted to ignore the information they were provided with. Usually they chose to say almost completely the opposite of what they were told. If any of this information came from actual paperwork or notices on the project, I imagine they felt that this was propoganda. People were handed just a teeny bit of the mass of information that is actually in the rockaway FERC dockets and they refused to read or learn anything as they already had some talking points in mind that they felt were better.

I am not Cuomo, the mayor, the head of a corporation nor anyone with power and influence. I did not write the laws that we follow nor did I have anything to do with how FERC as an agency works. I don't appreciate activists attempts to silence me with bullying tactics via social media.  That is not what democracy looks like. I did not ask Occupy the Pipeline folks to fly a banner about Spectra and the Rockaway pipeline projects and scream at the League of Conservation Voters about fracking in 2013. As far as I know no one locally asked for that to happen. I repeatedly asked that Judith Canepa and friends not bring the exploding fracked gas radon pipeline signs leftover from Occupy the Pipeline's campaign against Spectra to Floyd Bennett field to protest National Grid's pipeline in the summer of 2013. Not only did they do so but a local Brooklyn paper at first made it seem like park folks were part of this protest. The pictures taken demonstrated otherwise.

Every week I get an update on the construction of this project in my email account. People are more confused about this project (and national grids, liberty natural gas llc) than they may have been even two years ago. Some of that is because the material is legnthy. Some of it is probably because there is some complexity to nearly every aspect of review and construction. Some of it is likely because various powers that be might find interacting with the public and communicating with them or addressing their concerns beyond them. But there is also a really really significant amount of confusion on this particular project that is directly the result of misinformation by activists.

Erik McGregor's flickr & The People's Puppets

Erik McGregor is simply everywhere. So is Kim Fraczek. Oh My God. These people are my heroes.

The People's Puppets (also featuring Kim Fraczek, the most active activist around according to her own friends)

Hey newshounds. Minister Erik McGregor's flickr is the most interesting site around. Google it if you know how to google.

Hey I recognize some people in this photo of folks singing FERC is A RubberStamp Machine at a Protest in DC. Do you?

The People's Puppets of Occupy occupying all pipelines, fossil fuels or fossil fools as they like to say. No doubt coming to a community meeting or something near you soon! They belong in a theatre. But the street is their theatre. Your parks are their theatre. Not just Zucotti. The rockaway draft EIS hearing in the Rockaways was their theatre. So was Flatbush avenue and Floyd Bennett Field. How have you lived this long and missed out on all the crazy shenanigans these fantastic folks are up to? The People's Puppets Occupy the Rockaway Pipeline! -- These activists are colorful. They are not as savvy as the unnamed organizers of Nick Pinto's latest piece of garbage at Vice. But I even recognize some people in that video. Unreal.

Natasha Lennard Tweets about the Rockaway Pipeline project protest---This surely must be news!

Natasha Lennard tweets the rallying "We shall Fight them on the beaches!"

Where I wonder is the NYTimes on this? Or any reporter? Oh I imagine they are simply too busy taking pictures of their lunch to notice. When Gothamist published Nick Pinto's piece of blather on the Rockaway Pipeline they used a photo from the facebook page norockawaypipeline with a link to this facebook page. This facebook page was created in May of 2014 and in case you didn't know it facebook pages can be made by lunatics. Of course the terrific team of crackerjack journalists over at Gothamist (or whatever Gothamist is..I thought something of an aggregator but who knows)  wouldn't consider taking down that piece of garbage written by Mr. Pinto. The editors of Gothamist are likely so confused about what is going on in the world that they actually think Mr. Pinto wrote something real. The Rockaway Pipeline project became news in February of 2012. Well actually the bill that was needed to be passed for it to be built was in the news at that time.

 The story of the rockaway pipeline project is also a story about who gets in the news and how they manipulate reporters. It is a story about smoke and mirrors and hype. The fact is that when the Rockaway Pipeline project was introduced in the Federal Register in 2012 it was described in this FERC notice as a project that could do two things. One was deliver an additional supply of 100,000dths a day of natural gas. The other was redistribute supplies that are already delivered into the area. The rockaway project was basically described as being the pipeline project with the ability to deliver the least amount of incremental supply into the area of the expansions that were recently built.

When the Northeast Connector project was added on to FERC's EIS on the Rockaway Pipeline project in April of 2013, Williams was asked whether the 100,000dths supplied by this project was the same 100,000dths that the federal register notice noted. The answer to that question is yes.

Every antifracking activist was made aware of this and they were also made aware that Liberty Natural Gas LLC, who would like to build the Port Ambrose LNG import project that is currently under review by USCG, intervened in the Rockaway docket in early winter of 2013. The entire antifracking activist world decided (as in they made a deliberate choice or about as deliberate a choice that really confused people can make) to say that Port Ambrose was not an import project but an export project. They even got it seems Sandra Steingreber to write this.

I wonder what Natasha Lennard would tweet about that. I imagine she wouldn't believe it. She might not believe that her friends over there at Occupy or left leaning activists could be such profound liars. I might not believe this myself if I had not actually witnessed this for so long now. There isn't a fact that anti-fracking activists have not upended in their desire to fabricate their own story about this project. The story of this project has been manipulated by completely insane activists from park slope and other areas and the only common theme among most of these activists is fracking or what they consider to be a "progressive" mindset.

Since exactly when does progressive equal completely upside down I wonder?

Don't believe everything you read on a flyer FRACK FEVER DON"T CATCH IT---PSA TWEET/ POST

Veggie Island promoting Coalition Against Rockaway Pipeline's insane flyers Dec 2013
How exactly did Genevieve's class at the New York City College of Technology who made these posters for the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline (mostly a bunch of really confused women) come to do so? Inquiring minds want to know.

Probably the same way that the people who run the fake Friends of Floyd Bennett Field facebook page came to write that the Rockaway project was being built to deliver gas overseas.

 Frack Fever.
 Don't Catch It.
 It May Cause Brain Damage

Kim Fraczek of the People's Puppets, Sane Energy, Food not Fracking.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rockaway Pipeline protest/ Taco Fight At Riis beach this Saturday ---promotion by Bedford + Bowery

According to Bedford+Bowery, Bluestocking Cafe is having a bike ride to Riis beach this weekend to protest the Rockaway Pipeline that is currently under construction. There may or may not also be a taco food fight on the sand as well. Below is a picture of some peas. You can eat peas raw when you pick them. Isn't that really interesting news? What did you eat today? Please tell me all about it.

Epic Taco Food Fight amd Pipeline Protest this Weekend at Riis Beach. Be There or be Square! This is my blog post about it. Feel free to use my blog post as a flyer. The rockaway pipeline project gets more and more interesting every single minute! It is the best secret pipeline project story in the world. Come to the Rockaway Pipeline Protest at the surf beach this weekend or at Riis. Try Breezy Point too. Whereever. I wonder if Gothamist or some amazing newspaper reporter will come and cover this epic event.