Tuesday, March 26, 2013

National Grid's Drilling Time to Coincide with Spring's Return


The Marine Parkway Bridge-Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge, as seen from above with Floyd Bennett Field on the horizon.
 Photo: Metropolitan Transportation Authority / Patrick Cashin (click on picture or here for MTA flickr page)

Not unlike the Williams Rockaway Lateral Project, which apparently is a gift to Gateway National Recreation Area in the form an acre natural gas facility in the park billed as a supposed park improvement and "boost" to the park, National Grid who will also own equipment in the M&R, is also set to begin work on their accompanying pipeline project through the area right now, perhaps as a welcome to the return of birds and spring. Timing of course is everything. On that note, I imagine the NY Times and other news organizations might just get around to reporting on this, if at all, in time for the construction's finish. Then again, those outlets are I'm sure just loaded down with important coverage of what's happening in and around Gateway National Recreation Area.