Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tales From the FERC Files, Rockaway Pipeline and its Faux Foes

Native pioneering plant Floyd Bennett Field

 It feels like forever since I learned of the Rockaway Lateral Project through Gateway National Recreation Area and yet though the project is nearly 5 years in the making, it was only since last February that I knew anything about it. I was thinking I could write a book on this project and following it. A dark ugly book called Tales from the FERC Files all about the project itself and then also a narrative about its faux foes, the Coalition Against the Rockaway pipeline and friends. In addition to a recently released draft EIS on the project which was already missing some important information that needed to come in during the public commenting period, just this Friday information that the whole construction time schedule for drilling and pipe laying was being moved to prime time beach season, Memorial Day through Labor Day, was released by Williams. Stunning, as I'm pretty sure I read a document filed way back in 2009 where one of the great challenges was to find a window for construction which would have the least impact on park uses and ocean species and spring summer was not the preferred time frame.

Not to be outdone, the faux foes of the Rockaway Pipeline, the folks over at the misnamed Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline and their friends over at Sane Energy also released some shocking information this week in the form of a strange list of talking points against the project based largely on their own imagination as usual. Oddly one of their sticking points is that absolutely no environmental review of National Grid's project ever occurred, since this misinformation, like most of what they conjure up is so easily refuted. The environmental assessment on that project is actually available online and was made available in an article by the Gotham Gazette about a year ago. It is par for the course though with these strange "activists" who have collectively spread more complete fabrications about this project that it is questionable at this point if they are even beat out in the misinformation category by the companies that want to build the project and politicians who supported it.

Ah well.. all's fair I guess in the fog of war in their minds. And when it comes to foggy thinking or warring, hands down no one actually beats the reputation of the Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline and their friends for that. What a strange trip this has been indeed. I cannot wait till it is over.