Thursday, September 25, 2014

Do I Still Live in the United States of America or have we officially changed our name to the "Occupied" States of America?

Kim Fraczek, multitasker extraordinaire, giving a demonstration to Zephyr Teachout all she has mislearned about pipelines. Kim may be representing Occupy the Pipeline, the People's Puppets of Occupy, Sane Energy or Food not Fracking or alternately the 99 percent which I think means ahem, all of us.

People I bet think I am joking when I say that while they were sleeping or taking a picture of their lunch Occupy ended up both writing the news and being featured in the news, but I'm not entirely joking at all.

 Is it absurd to watch as activists like Kim Fraczek or the folks over at Sane Energy cozy up to politicians, give advice to politicians, perhaps write bills (?!?) or be featured regularly via all kinds of "news" saying things that are more times than not almost completely fact free? (Link to the unholy trinity of Kim Fraczek, Jessica Roff and Eric Weltman on BRIC "independent media" making almost no sense whatsoever on the topic of fracking and Brooklyn).  Yes. It is the most absurd thing I have ever witnessed in my life. And since I don't actually live in that "Bizarro Jerry" Seinfeld episode where everything is backwards or upside down, it is also a bit frightening.  

Monday, September 8, 2014

Betta Broad, Maureen Healy and Judith Canepa-- Fun and hilarity 24/7 on the misinformation highway

Betta Broad is filming some antifracking propaganda featuring the non-stop hilarity of activists Maureen Healy and Judith Canepa

Betta Broad and friends at Love NY, Don't Frack it Up are continuing on with what appears to be the most superfun tactic of the antifracking activist world, using the Rockaway Pipeline project to promote misinformation and myth or as folks like to say in the community organizing world, "promoting awareness". What kind of serious topics have Maureen Healy and Judith Canepa made fun? Well they thought it might be fun/funny to ponder whether the Rockaway pipeline project is secretly for export. They thought it might be fun/funny to have a human pipeline event at Floyd Bennett Field where they could play at being both experts on the Rockaway Pipeline project and stakeholders locally effected. For anyone who knows just a hair about the Rockaway Pipeline project, what these ladies have to say is a hoot and a half but I'm pretty sure not in the way that Betta Broad of Love NY Don't Frack It Up and other "groups" actually intends.

 Here are some fun links to the latest hysterical things that are currently being said about the Rockaway pipeline project:

 1. A Call to Resistance Camp Against the Rockaway Pipeline advertised by some folks called Deep Green Resistance. Interesting info from them includes this refreshingly fun statement on the Underground Actions section of their website :  "The Underground Action Calendar exists to publicize and normalize the use of militant and underground tactics in the fight for justice and sustainability." What normalizing the use of "militant tactics" means is anyone's guess. That doesn't sound like camping to me. 

2. A strange video by someone named Louis Proyect, "The Unrepentant Marxist" apparently a moniker of choice. Interestingly enough Mr. Proyect also has made a video of the Left forum's recent panel called "Fighting the Frack Monster".  The panel was chaired by Peter Rugh, who is either a reporter or activist or both, although he is billed at this panel as reprenting the group  "System Change not Climate Change".  One superinteresting thing about this panel is that it included a "reporter" for deSmog Blog and an activist in California with surprise suprise!-- ties to Occupy. Has Peter Rugh ever written something about the Rockaway Pipeline project that is myth? Well yes he has. 

3. In a piece titled "Everything you need to know about fracking", apparently not written by Woody Allen though, the latest bit of misinformation to get absorbed and passed on by a "reporter" is that the exploding fracked gas rockaway pipeline project goes under two beaches now, not one.  

In other fun news I listened to a phone message from Zephyr Teachout asking for a vote tomorrow as she would like to be governor. She may or may not be getting her info on pipelines and therefore energy infrastructure from Occupy puppetmakers. 

The rockaway pipeline project has been interesting for a long time now. Way more interesting than one could ever imagine. The way it has been manipulated by activists and then covered in the news is one of the most interesting things I've seen in a while.