Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Port Ambrose Export Conspiracy Theory Testifying and Reporting Saga Continues

Courtesy of sources like Kim Fraczek and Patrick Robbins, photographed by their pal Minister Erik Mcgregor, environmental reporter Brian Nearing recently reported for the Times Union on the three year old Port Ambrose IMPORT project proposal:

On Monday, the Coast Guard was expected to hold public hearings on the project's environmental impact statement, and opponents rallied against it, claiming Liberty's true purpose is to create a facility for conversion to export of U.S. natural gas from the hydrofracking boom for sale overseas.

He credits the following groups with the secret export conspiracy theory:

Environmental groups included Catskill Mountainkeeper, Food & Water Watch, the Surfrider Foundation, Sane Energy Project, All Our Energy, United for Action, Environmental Action, and NYPIRG.

Amazing stuff!

The incredible story of the Rockaway Pipeline Port Ambrose saga and activists acting badly continues on. Years after antifracking activists listed by Brian Nearing were told that Liberty intervened in the Rockaway docket and that it appeared very much that they required the Rockaway pipeline project then being considered to deliver incremental supply, the US. Coast Guard and MarAd prepare a final EIS which states this and still reporters like Brian Nearing report that Port Ambrose is probably secretly for export based only on the word of activists who have spent the last three years lying about almost everything.

If you want to get to the know what the antifracking movement looks like up close and personal and the kind of people it consists of you can't beat the Rockaway Pipeline project and Port Ambrose dockets as a fine example. It would appear at this point that reporters and publications in NY state can not accurately report on anything natural gas related at all and that is evidenced by the staggering amount of misinformation in the news on both the Rockaway pipeline and Port Ambrose because of the antifracking sources being used over the last few years now.

OmG! Is that Jessica Roff of Catskill Mountainkeeper featured in a news article by Newsday? Do I get to watch Jessica Roff give another rousing speech this time on Newsdays website and not in person?

There are only a bajillion places one can find online or in the news where Jessica Roff of Catskill Mountainkeeper has yapped about how Port Ambrose is actually secretly an export project. And its only been about two and half years since she and most of the people saying so basically crafted this conspiracy theory!!

I wonder how many years it will be before anyone reports any of this besides me. It's not like I haven't contacted all kinds of news agencies, politicians and others about this over the last couple of years. And it's not like people had not heard that Liberty wanted to build this project even in the winter/spring of 2012 as this was reported on in the news. How all the same politicians and activists then concocted an export conspiracy on it, while the rockaway project was under review and despite being told numerous times that they were receiving misinformation from activists and those politicians, how reporters appear to have amnesia as well as appear to have lost all the basic skills of reporting (including the nytimes) that is a story and a half you also won't read in the news.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Occupy The Port Ambrose LNG Fracking Export Conspiracy Theory! The Musical !

What is left for me to say here on this blog as we near the end of the story of the Rockaway and Port Ambrose projects unfolding in real time right now before our very eyes?

Minister Erik Mcgregor is capturing "the movement" and theatrics with pretty production stills. The script just needs to be written (no embellishments needed--just a straight up reenactment of events will do) and after that a casting call to find the right people to play all the important parts on stage.

From Edie Kantrowitz above, to Maureen Healy below, the characters are all so thoroughly delusional and outspoken, they will be surely be lots of juicy fun for any actress to play.

Plus as I've pointed out before its not just the characters that are colorful! The Art Department will have their share of fun with costumes and props.

Perhaps the only kind thing one can say about the character Maureen Healy is that she is consistent. Once she's got her version of reality down, she sticks with it.

Above, Maureen Healy photographed perhaps while live on air in summer 2013. While the Rockaway Project was being deliberated, Maureen buried the likely connection between it and Port Ambrose, most likely in that broadcast buried all the real information and real people involved as well, promoted herself and helped to spread an export conspiracy theory on Port Ambrose instead. And below years later, Maureen Healy commenting on some recent "news" at cbslocal..

Maureen Healy • 8 days ago
"Great coverage. Thanks.

NYC and Long Island have no need for additional "natural" gas; in fact we are awash in cheap fracked gas.

Dig a little deeper. If this project is approved as the import facility it claims it will be, a simple administrative reversal of its license would allow it to become an export facility. And that is where the money is! Exporting gas overseas (where it sells for 3 and 4 times more) is the true goal of this project."

Like I said before, you could not make this stuff up--- these characters, the sheer lunacy of these people who are engaged in such a fraudulent campaign and have sustained it for years--- if you tried.

Probably the most shocking thing of all is that lots of people appear to be content just watching this tragicomedy unfold and the most shocking people of all those who aren't just silent as this transpires but often appear to be promoters of the show are people called reporters and editors.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Port Ambrose: A Lesson in NY Energy Politics--The Rockaway Pipeline/ Port Ambrose Saga continues featuring tweets and costumes

Capital New York's David Giambusso with the tweet of the decade

"Several hundred Broadway theater-goers are getting a lesson in NY energy politics" tweeted Capital New York reporter David Giambusso when covering a recent protest event against the three year old Port Ambrose LNG import proposal held by Sane Energy Project and other groups. That the protestors are and were the people burying the likely connection between this proposed project and the Rockaway project for over two and half years, instead preferring to whip up their own fantastical version of reality-- let's call it the Port Ambrose export conspiracy theory-- which reporters and publications then just lapped up and often repeated blindly, no matter how ludicrous that export scenario was, is most certainly a lesson in something.

Lew Blaustein of something called "Green Gotham TV" and Lewis Brand Solutions Also Gives a Lesson in NY Energy Politics with "Green Gotham TV"


Also giving the same important lesson in NY Energy politics is someone named Lew Blaustein for "Green Gotham Tv". Apparently he interviewed Kim Fraczek, one of the Sane Energy project's experts on this Port Ambrose conspiracy theory and decided to post a video on social media and the web of said interview right after the USCG Final Environmental Impact Statement release on Port Ambrose, which of course describes exactly the opposite of what is said in that interview! Amazing stuff! And to think the lessons and educational sessions given by Sane Energy's Patrick Robbins, Clare Donahue, Kim Fraczek and friends have only been going on now for the last 3 years!

What's the lesson? Well it isn't that reporters like Stephanie Colombini actually have the time to get any details straight when covering "energy politics". Perhaps they are too dazzled by the colorful costumes and posters of the protestors to even recognize the same tired cast of charactors they keep capturing in pictures and quotes. Stephanie Columbini just reported that the Federal Government approved Port Ambrose, a minor untrue detail when compared to the steady stream of nonsense reported over the years on the proposal, and she produced a story with a picture of Kim Fraczek and Monica Hunken featuring a Jessica Roff quote. It really is like the story of the rockaway pipeline project and the insane activists it involved is a never ending tragicomedy, a bad dream I cannot wake up from.

The lesson? Well it seems that lots of New York city and state reporters don't actually know what they are talking about when they cover energy, particularly anything that has to do with natural gas. It's more than likely that some like David Giambusso are willfully turning their eyes away from obvious truths and the people in the news influencing politicians and policies, the reporter's sources, are actually lunatics and liars.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Scoop! Port Ambrose Final Environmental Impact Statement Finally Reveals Long Buried Truths

Here is something that I may have finally gotten the Coast Guard to write but still cannot get a reporter to cover despite years of effort: (Let's call it a scoop because you will only read this here)

Right in the very beginning of the Coast Guard's final environmental impact statement on the Port Ambrose project, in the first Section, labelled 1.1 "purpose and need", it says:

"Because Liberty’s tie-in to the Transco LNYBL is located between the Rockaway Lateral and the Long Beach delivery point, it would be able to supplement supply during these periods of peak demand."

Two years ago, according to the Queens Chronicle, both Liberty Natural Gas and Williams Cos. said their "projects are not related" when asked about a "connection" between these two projects that were at that time being reviewed simlutaneously, yet by separate federal agencies. I had already been asking Williams and FERC about the relationship between the Rockaway project and Port Ambrose for months by the time Bianca's article was published. I spoke with her at length if I'm not mistaken. (I could be confusing her with another woman I had a conversation with that fall two years ago now.)

While it is somewhat satisfying to see the Coast Guard finally answer a question I have been asking for more than two and half years not just to the US. Coast Guard and MarAD repeatedly, but to FERC, to a wide variety of news reporters and papers and other state and federal agencies, it is also frustrating when thinking about all of the lying and misleading information that has been swirling around the Rockaway and Port Ambrose projects for years now.

It's also frustrating that right beneath this quote, which clearly states that it is Port Ambrose's interconnection location between the new Rockaway lateral and the Long Beach delivery point which actually would enable Port Ambrose to fulfill its purpose, there is then some mumbojumbo (which is legalese I guess for hey this is the reason both Liberty and Williams have refused to answer your question for so long and why no other agency managed to make them either) about how Liberty "could be considered a “shipper” bidding on supplying gas" regardless of the actual capacity of the pipe they aim to deliver into. Seeing as Liberty's supporting documents all discuss the benefits coming from a "shipper" that is able to deliver ADDITIONAL supplies that technicality seems like a moot point to me. As pointed out more than once, Libertys project maps like the one above should always have shown the rockaway expansion, even when the Rockaway project was just a proposal.

In the end it's hard to believe how few people there are who in any moment are capable or willing to speak the truth and stunning that there are still no reporters who can uncover it or identify it either. The only people who consistently have used facts when describing both the Rockaway Project and Port Ambrose as well as all the things that went wrong along the way still are ordinary citizens. I can count those people on one hand and name them too.

Oh and a "pulitzer prize" winning non-profit just published that Port Ambrose is an import/export project. Course the notice released on that project by two Federal Agencies says otherwise but what do I know about anything anyway?

Friday, September 25, 2015

Food And Water Watch apparently now thinks the Port Ambrose LNG import proposal might be a genetically modified organism in need of a label

What Eric Weltman and Alex Beauchamp of Food and Water Watch think is a crowd of people (hint you can count on both hands) and what they think of fracking and GMO"s disguised as their fight against the Port Ambrose LNG facility

One way to identify what people are really trying to say no matter what it is that their campaign purports to be about is to read the signs they wave. Literally. Food and Water Watch has long been on a misinformation campaign about the Port Ambrose LNG import proposal. According to them of course the project is secretly an export proposal and all the agencies looking at the paperwork are just too dumb to figure out what Eric Weltman and Alex Beauchamp divined without looking at even a shred of paperwork. Making Port Ambrose a secret and conspiratorial export project in the summer of 2013 provided a convenient excuse for Food and Water Watch to protest fracking on Long Island. Port Ambrose equals fracking equals climate change apparantly according to the photo above oh and also maybe the ships that pull up to deliver the gas are secretly GMO seeds too.

Apparently now that fracking has been banned in NY, Food and Water Watch's misinformation campaign on the Port Ambrose LNG deepwater port still won't stop as someone likely has given them money to fight fracking somewhere else. Its hard for me to understand how Food and Water Watch actually gets funding from anybody these days at all or how people can take this group or its leader, Wenonah Hauter, seriously . Then again I'm sure lots of people take the New York Sierra club groups seriously too and their track record on the Port Ambrose project is equally atrocious.

In today's other fun fracking news, Ted Glick of Beyond Extreme Energy and other groups (entertainingly he is currently employed as the national coordinator for a group called Chesapeake Climate Action Network) admits to being a "very dizzy and light-headed" guy. He's currently down in Washington DC on a fast protesting the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions practice of "communicide"( communicide to the non-initiated means FERC's approving new natural gas pipelines) and thinks his mental fuzziness might be attributed to his lack of food.

I would diagnose him with frack fever.

He's not alone. Lots of environmental leaders and progressives have become confused about natural gas in the last few years. They think its worse than coal.

More nuts in the news and nutty news: Susan Van Dolsen starring in "High Pressure- the pipeline that could destroy New York State"

Susan Van Dolsen, in the documentary "High Pressure: the pipeline that could destroy New York State"

Susan Van Dolsen, founder of SAPE, the acronym for Stop the Algonquin Pipeline took a turn on the other side of the camera and starred in the recently released oh so subtly titled "documentary" High Pressure- The pipeline that could destroy New York State airing currently on The Guardian. Not so long ago as part of a project known as Love New York Don't Frack It Up she produced a video about the rockaway pipeline that was mostly fictional and the video promoted a conspiracy theory created by antifracking activists and other environmentalist-- that the currently proposed Port Ambrose import project is an export project.

Brandon Lavoie makes a documentary one can watch on The Guardian. The filmmaker lives in Brooklyn which is not that surprising to me.

I wonder how many people Susan Van Dolsen and friends would like to take down with them. I doubt that Brandon Lavoie has any idea what it is he actually has captured with his "documentary".

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Notre Dame Chooses Faith, Science and...Natural Gas Now

While Pope Francis' visit to the United States as well as the recent release of his encyclical "Laudato Si', On Care for Our Common Home" with its focus on climate change has inspired at least one Catholic legislator to consider boycotting his upcoming address to Congress , others like Notre Dame's Rev. John I. Jenkins appear like the Pope to be more at ease reconciling their faith with science. A recent USA Today article demonstrates how Notre Dame, inspired by the pope, is choosing faith, science.... and natural gas.

The brief article discusses how the Pope's concern about climate change has prompted Notre Dame to commit to completely saying goodbye to coal in generating electricity on campus. Apparently, the University had already reduced their coal use substantially by switching to cleaner burning and more climate friendly natural gas, but will improve on those efforts by using even more natural gas in the short term, as well as investing $113 million in renewable energy projects.

“Notre Dame is recommitting to make the world a greener place, beginning in our own backyard,” Jenkins said in a statement and both natural gas and renewables are some of the tools the University has chosen to embrace in order to cut its carbon footprint by more than half by 2030. A SouthBend Tribune article explains how Notre Dame is acting on clean energy goals by:
1. Phasing out all coal use in the next 5 years
2. Opting instead to use natural gas in newer higher efficiency combined cycle combustion gas turbines to produce both electricity and steam
3. Investing in hydroelectric, geothermal and solar projects.

Apparantly I'm not that only one who's looked down at the stove and thought of the sun and flowers upon seeing the blue flames of natural gas as it would seem Art Director  Mike Powell  has too.

In news of an opposite nature, I just learned via the most fraudulent people I know (artists and activists who call themselves the Sane Energy project) that progressive radio's Patti and Doug Wood (apparently local environmental leaders) will be hosting a misinformation radio session on the Port Ambrose LNG IMPORT proposal airing on WBAI tonight. The title of the broadcast? "The Insanity of the Natural Gas Export Plan" where it appears the radio hosts will by broadcasting lies to the public about non-existant "giant export terminals located off Long Island and New Jersey."

As I asked once before, exactly when did progressive come to mean totally upside down or regressive? Patti and Doug Wood are scheduled to talk nonsense on WBAI tonight--their theme the Port Ambrose import proposal, a nearly three year old proposal which lots of antifracking activists and groups, environmentalists and progressive for some reason keep choosing to lie to the public about among other things

Here is something I absolutely did not expect three and half years ago when I began following the Rockaway Pipeline project. I did not expect the path would lead to finding myself at odds with certain people who call themselves environmentalists or progressive.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hilary Baum- Just One of the Influential Foodies Against Fracking Effecting Energy Policy

Back in the day, let's call "the day" circa summer 2012,  Chefs for the Marcellus founder Hilary Baum acknowledged that “We all cook with gas. We all use gas,” , according to an op-ed in the Daily News. The op-ed was about a Chefs for the Marcellus fundraiser and the headline read quite aptly  "Look Who's Cooking With Gas". The op-ed was even more aptly subtitled "From an anti-fracking group, hypocrisy of the first order". An excerpt from the op-ed follows:

"The only thing more delicious than the menu was the irony, because many if not most of those dishes were cooked over the bright blue flame of natural gas."

Hilary Baum wears more than one chef's hat in the fight against fracking, photographed with Bill McKibben, via a screenshot of Chefs for the Marcellus facebook page

According to the Hill, influential foodie Hilary Baum  of Chef's for the Marcellus, an organization whose website is no longer functional, is functional, also believes that public lands very far from the Marcellus shale should ban fracking, as in lots of places out west. The recent Hill opinion piece was about "The Protect Our Public Lands Act", a bill introduced into the current Congress that would ban fracking on all public lands. Unsurprisingly Ms. Baum, like many anti-fracking organizers or founders of organizations, leads or plays a role in more than one group. In other words she appears to be one citizen with extraordinary influence. 

The American Sustainable Business Council lists Ms. Baum's
  background as including "artisan food production, marketing, restaurant procurement, farmers’ market operations, and community supported agriculture," which leads me to believe that energy markets, natural gas production and distribution, and land management by federal agencies in the United States aren't necessarily her area of expertise. Apparantly this lack of expertise is no big whoop for the American Sustainable Business Council as she is credited in the Hill as directing their "Rethinking Fracking campaign".  

Last summer, lifestyle journalist Betsy Andrews, the former executive editor of Saveur magazine now the current editor at large of Organic Lifestyle magazine, gave a very big thumbs up to a Chefs for the Marcellus benefit per a link provided by RVD communications on social media. "Fracktails" were the attraction at this event at the Back Forty. RVD describes themselves as a  boutique hospitality PR and social media firm based in Brooklyn with "close ties to the media elite" in New York City on their website. I will leave it up for interpretation exactly what that might mean.

How does or did the influential foodie position on fracking square with NY farmers' position, on the subject? Well according to an article in from December 2013, it is at odds with the NY farm bureau the very people in NY state who grow some of the food that is cooked in restaurants. "NY farmers reject anti-hydrofracking position at Farm Bureau meeting" was the headline then.  

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Josh Fox and Friend's Interpretation of What Democracy Looks Like

There's a popular chant in activists circles that goes like this, "Show me what democracy looks like, This is what democracy looks like". Presumably it means that democracy requires participation, including some of the staples of activists and movements like the mass march or a small protest, a chant, and civil disobedience. In the rockaways however it appears that to Josh Fox and friends, including Zephyr Teachout, democracy looks like something much closer to theatre, the circus, a PR campaign or something Samuel Clemens might have written about rolling into town on a steamboat. The image above is a screencapture of a form of social media: a tweet, which is a modern form of communication, to Governor Cuomo from Josh Fox and Gasland. The picture that's part of the tweet is supposed to be representative of the rockaways, a peninsula with a population of approximately 130,000 people according to wikipedia, "demanding" offshore wind not LNG. The "community" is apparantly making this demand at a performance of A Solar Home Companion, which is described by Fox and Solutions Grassroots as:

"Lightly parodying NPR/Garrison Keillor’s popular “A Prairie Home Companion” the show is like an old fashioned variety show, with music, stories, film sequences, and Americana but with a new twist: this show teaches it’s audience how to go renewable and how to organize for a sustainable future."

It's not a picture of a very large gathering.

One could interpret what the anti-fracking battle is about by analyzing a Truthout's headline of an interview with Gasland director Josh Fox from 2012. One interpretration could be that this great fracking battle is really about who the American backyard or your backyard, your property or town belongs to. Is it Mr. Fox, and by extension the movement that he is a part of, or you or a larger group of people? There are people no doubt living in the southern tier of NY and in other places where the battle is being waged, who might see the war in this way. The anti-fracking movement has framed this battle in the press and other places as a fight for the American backyard between the community and the gas industry. It's David vs. Goliath. It's "the people" vs the corporations or the people vs big gas and big oil. In reality the great fracking pipeline war in real life looks like people battling other people.

If you asked me, in the rockaways, brooklyn and long island, the anti-fracking battle has always been about who will represent the interest of your community when it comes to your parks, your environment, your ocean, the climate, your energy choices and on and on. In a way the battle really has been about democracy, what it looks like or should look like or what's best about it.

The antifracking movement, or to be precise some people in it, spent years lying to the public about the rockaway pipeline project. They spoke over local stakeholders even going so far as to completely erase them from any narrative on the rockaway project's history and then they spent two years lying to reporters, politicians, the Coast Guard and people in communities all over Long Island, Brookyn Queens and Manhattan about the Port Ambrose proposal as well. In their preferred form of government, apparantly the only voices that matter are their own.

Is this What Democracy Looks Like?

Monday, August 31, 2015

Scott Cannon, A Bully and Liar in Tales from the Pipeline Wars

Scott Cannon, who according to State Impact Pa, enjoys calling people gasholes and has made over 50 internet videos showing adverse effects of gas drilling, pipelines and related infrastructure is the latest antifracking activist attempting to silence me by bullying me online

"You get paid to write blogs from Tom Shepstone on his Natural Gas Now website to discredit activists who oppose some gas development. We'll, that takes away any questions on your bias, now doesn't it?" says Scott Cannon to me via what appears to me to be the standard operating procedure of an antifracking activist. That standard operating procedure is: bullying, lying and making false accusations whether online or in person and this behavior is not limited to targeting politicians, FERC employees, natural gas industry employees but extends to anyone who dares to open their mouth to speak words that are not the talking points of the anti-fracking movement. Even me. Even though there are lots of letters to FERC, a certificate order on the Rockaway Lateral project in fact and lots of evidence that says otherwise, Scott Cannon as an activist can just say whatever he likes about me. That's just how he rolls.

It is no secret that the great fracking war is divisive. As early as fall 2011, a NY times headline describing how "civility is fading" in the fight over gas drilling was likely an understatement.  How disgusting and low the actual behavior is of the activists involved has to be known to people other than me who get close to this issue. Its shocking that this behavior is then celebrated and encouraged  by environmental leaders and politicians.

Scott Cannon is not the first anti-fracking activist to absurdly and falsely accuse me of either being a shill for the gas industry, a spy or some other crap, but at least he is not someone who has met me like some of the activists at the Sane Energy Project, United for Action or Coalition Against the Rockaway Pipeline among others. Nor will he be the last I imagine. Posts on this blog are labelled "activists gone wild" for a reason. Here is a link to a group that Scott Cannon is associated with called the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition.  Apparantly the website has a disclaimer where hey.. the organization basically says themselves that they can't guarantee the accuracy of what they say.
Shocker!  The website  also says the following:

"We acknowledge that each individual group member in their actions and speech, represent the coalition as a whole, and therefore are reminded to be mindful in speaking and acting in a manner that professionally and respectfully represents the group as a whole."
Scott Cannon is a fine example of what the activism against fracking, natural gas and pipelines looks like.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Reading Between the Headlines: The Issues of Fracking and Free Speech Collide

In The Rockaways a pipeline debate took a contentious turn.  The issues of Free Speech and Fracking collided. This has national implications.

It isn't a coincidence that all the screenshots are of articles in Al Jazeera written by Peter Moskowitz. I chose the articles for a reason. 

In The Rockaways a pipeline debate took a very contentious turn. The issues of "Free Speech" and "Fracking" collided. This is not just a local issue. It has national implications. The truth has been buried and in its place in the news only myth and misinformation multiply. The people responsible for the myth and misinformation are antifracking activists and reporters. They all have names. Many have been mentioned on this blog but not all.

"If you shut up truth, and bury it underground, it will but grow." --Emile Zola

"An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it." -- Mahatma Gandhi

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Picture Can Speak Volumes

I'd like to credit the photographer for the picture above but right now but I can't remember exactly where I was on the web when I screencaptured the image. It is however a photograph which captures some of the action at a fossil fuel resistance event which involved civil disobedience and arrests that occurred in NY state recently, part of the We Are Seneca Lake campaign.

In a creative writing class one summer a wonderful professor, a poet,  as an exercise had the class first choose two photographs they found interesting. Later the students were required to create a short story, a work of fiction, based upon something the pictures inspired and the result, the student's stories represented most of what the students grades were based on. I was one of those students. It was a terrific class and exercise and the poet would probably make it on a list of teachers that I remember the most fondly. That same summer I also  took a photojournalism class where photography was explored in a much different way, to tell a true story. The teacher was a working photojournalist who would also likely make it on that list of favored educators.

It's often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But one could also write a thousand words  about certain pictures. There are two pictures in this post and if I wanted to do I could write lots and lots of words about them and how they might speak of the times we live in and also how that time is being presented to us via the news or other media.

In the pictures are police, people with cameras, a social media post, and a WBAI radio broadcast in the making, which featured the voices of people completely ungrounded in fact or reality.

Erik McGregor captures the filming of a WBAI broadcast featuring Kim Fraczek and Patrick Robbins with Reverand Billy lying about the Port Ambrose LNG import project along with lots of other things.

At the library works of fiction and non-fiction are labelled as such. In the news these days over some environmental issues and other things its awfully hard to tell which of the two you are actually getting.

Monday, August 24, 2015

The "Indypendent" Flat Out Refuses to Print anything but Misinformation and Propaganda on Port Ambrose

It is a sad day for independent journalism and it's a sad day for journalism in general. The Indypendent, which according to Wikipedia "has won numerous awards"  and "has served as something of a "farm team" for other progressive media organizations", has consistently despite receiving information that says otherwise, promoted myth and misinformation over fact about the Port Ambrose proposal in multiple articles for over a year now. 

The Unbearable Lightness of Activist

Sane Energy activists have no problem dragging everyone down with them as they drag Patagonia into their misinformation campaign on Port Ambrose LNG import project

The activists responsible for bamboozling the public, reporters and politicians for two plus years now about the Port Ambrose LNG import proposal and also on the history of the Rockaway project are accountable to no one. They don't represent a community. They aren't elected to speak for one. It appears that they can simply been seen as experts or powerful entities representing lots of members just based on their word, a clever press release, facebook meme, or any other number of activist tactics.

Josh Fox's Gasland social media promotes a conspiracy theory that the Port Ambrose LNG import project is for export and directs people to sign a form letter that says so

So in this moment, while the EPA head Gina McCarthy, presumably in some way accountable to citizens, says "Cleaner-burning energy sources like natural gas are key compliance options for our Clean Power Plan and we are committed to ensuring safe and responsible production that supports a robust clean energy economy.",  May Boeve, executive director of, a climate activist who lives in Brooklyn who is currently being promoted as one of 10 leaders who are reshaping the environmental movement disagrees. says the opposite, which is basically what I have seen for years now with activists surrounding the issue of fracking and natural gas. It is what defines the activism surrounding the Rockaway pipeline and Port Ambrose proposals. According to a very recent press release from, "the only safe way to deal with fracking is to end it". I can almost guarantee that quote has already been picked up by someone somewhere in the media.

One dirty secret about the environmental world, its leadership or activism tactics is that it is in no way held accountable. It isn't just either. Because the environmental activist world is like any other, the controversy over natural gas development in NY state and the Deleware River Basin has impacted many organizations which network or associate with each other, not just the ones that have sprung up over this issue.

One consequence of the activism surrounding the war on fracking is that the public is losing access to credible information on natural gas and environmentalists are losing their ability to provide credible information to the public as well.. To quote Ms. Mccarthy again quite recently:
 "Hydrofracking has certainly changed the energy dynamic considerably. You are absolutely right, it has created an opportunity for a shift away from coal into natural gas, and that shift has been enormously beneficial from a clean air perspective, as well as from a climate perspective."

Thursday, August 20, 2015

On Politicians, Port Ambrose LNG "experts" and the "news"

According to the Rockaway Times Melinda Katz is just the latest of Queens politicians who mostly appear to be courting a miniscule  number of people when it comes to the Port Ambrose LNG proposal over all the rest of their constituents

According to Jon Cori, in an article recently published in the free newspaper the Rockaway Times, Jessica Roff of the Catskill Mountainkeeper, a woman who is responsible for lots of misinformation on the rockaway pipeline project and has often described the Port Ambrose LNG proposal as the EXACT OPPOSITE of what it is in reality, was an "expert" fielding questions about the proposed project at a protest event this past weekend in the Rockaways. To go into the history of "reporting" by Queens publications on both the Rockaway Pipeline project and the Port Ambrose LNG proposal over time and what qualifies as news or even information or a source is probably something that could make up much of an entire course in a university level journalism class.  On Rockaway reports that there were about 50 people at this sparsely attended protest (which according to Jon Cori's article was organized by a number of groups and business sponsors) and some people were local. The leader observer writes an article titled "community draws a line in the sand presumably meaning the Rockaway community. However, social media pictures of the actual event display photographs of non-local organizers or activists, whether fractivists or occupy organizers, like Patrick Robbins, Monica Hunken, Jessica Roff, Judith Canepa, and Maureen Healy, among others. 

Monica Hunken formerly of Occupy the Pipeline appears to coordinate perhaps a photo at the Port Ambrose LNG draw a line in the sand event in the Rockaways

So who are the politicians or government officials listed in the various news articles, who one would assume should be interested in what benefits their constituents as a whole, but who for the last two years seem to be more interested in courting votes at rallies or hearings or gaining some street credibility mainly from antifracking movement? The tally of those folks from this weekends event include Phillip Goldfeder, Joseph Addabbo, Melinda Katz and the new NYC Parks’ Rockaway Supervisor Portia Dyrenforth.

NY Environment Report Emily Manley "reports" on the Port Ambrose LNG proposal, politicians like Donavan Richards and David Denenberg (who may be currently behind bars) , the antifracking movement "umbrella group" Sane Energy Project and the No LNG Coalition 

How is all of this poor reporting or communication possible?  Well one reason among many and it might be the most important is that the "reporters" like Emily Masters of the Environmental Report blog, whose bio describes her eight years experience in the nonprofit, conservation, and local food fields, and Jon Cori do not understand what they are reporting on. I've seen for three years now as the news coverage on natural gas projects oscillates between what appears to be PR by official sources, be it politicians or companies and then PR by activists. I've seen more misinformation in the news than real information. Another important reason why the misinformation may build over time is that reporters and politicians may find it hard to believe that activists or people they trust, often are aligned or are friendly with might not give them information that is anywhere near the truth.

Many leaders of local environmental groups, including fractivist organizations like the Catskill Mountainkeeper and Sane Energy project, have in fact been promoting misinformation on the Port Ambrose proposal as well as their numbers, expertise and influence for the last two years.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Port Ambrose Misinformation Campaign: All the Tweets Fit to Print and a Video

David Giambusso, Capital New York Energy reporter tweets a photo of  the anti-frack movement's Cuomo puppet when covering the Port Ambrose LNG project "resistance"

"The anti-fracking movement is back complete with @NYGovCuomo effigy #portambrose" tweets Capital NY's reporter David Giambusso.

Direct Action makes it happen! Occupy Wall Street on Port Ambrose LNG project

"Direct Action makes it happen!" Occupy Wall Street ryhmes in an important chirp.  

And some people use more than 150 characters to express themselves on the Port Ambrose LNG import proposal.  Elizabeth Press, who according to her bio at the The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) is "a media-maker and educator based" in New York,City produced a really fascinating video on the Port Ambrose LNG IMPORT project, which you can watch here:   

Elizabeth Press' ideology is apparant in her bio. It speaks volumes about one huge reason why it is that certain media is spectacularly unable to report on the Port Ambrose proposal and the antifracking/ enviromental movement's complete misinformation on it. 
 "Before she focused her work on the environment and alternative transportation, she mainly worked at alternative media outlets. Elizabeth produced for the independent TV/Radio program, Democracy Now!, edited for Worldfocus on PBS and freelanced for Grit TV with Laura Flanders."
There's a reason why "objective" journalism is important in a democracy. Fact-based information might matter somewhat too.

Tales from the FERC files: Mav Moorhead an antifracking expert speaks and other excerpts

The Stop the FERCUS Circus, A Carnival of Misinformation, Rrde the Carousel of Antifracking activism and misinformation  with Kim Fraczek, Beyond Extreme Energy, Sane Energy and friends 

Mav Moorhead, an expert and antifracking movement veteran's basis for intervening in  CP13-36 Application for Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Rockaway Delivery Lateral Project

"I am a stakeholder in this proceeding as I am a resident of New York City. The overwelming health and safety reasons connected with my concerns regarding this pipeline are expansive. The radiation issue and terrorist issues concerning this pipeline are reasons for careful review and denial of this pipeline. There is currently no radiation oversight concerning measurements radon 222 in gas flowing thru the pipelines in regard to radiation as well as levels of methane leaks. Allowing export of gas thru this pipeline is the main reason for its planned construction. This puts New Yorkers at serious risk for terrorist attacks turning the Rockaways into a terrorist target and risks for explosions are highly increased because of this industrialization of the high pressure high volume pipeline imposed as a plan for the Rockaways. This pipeline should not be permitted into New York City, a densly populated city."  2/12/2013 

Mav Moorhead, an antifracking expert speaks in the villager article "Occupy Wall St and Ruffalo whack fracking, pipeline by Albert Amateau :   

"Mav Moorhead, a member of NYH20, declared, “FERC has never stopped a pipeline from approval. After a final ruling the only recourse is to sue in federal court. Historically, that is the only way to stop the pipeline at this time.”
Moorhead said that Spectra’s ultimate goal was to create a worldwide market for natural gas from Marcellus Shale fracking."
Oh, what I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall back September 2010 when Buck and Mav Moorhead, founders of NYH2O, spoke at this  event titled "What is fracking?" . Or for that matter at any of the  NYC Community Board hearings or meetings  where fracking "experts" Buck and Mav Moorhead spoke. 

Alternate title for this post: The media is either asleep when covering the fracking issue and the antifracking movement's leaders and messaging, willfully closing their eyes or unable to take the time to do real research as reporters, like Nick Pinto for one, are too close to the activists they cover or too reliant on them for information. 

Second alternative title for this post: This is a lot of what antifracking anti-pipeline activism looks like: agitprop, hysteria and misinformation. Some characters mentioned:  Kim Fraczek of Occupy the Pipeline, Sane Energy, the People's Puppets of Occupy Wall Street and Mav and architect Buck Moorhead of both NYH20 and Damascus Citizens for Sustainability, two antifracking organization that intervened in the Rockaway Pipeline docket. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sane Energy's Kim Fraczek and Clare Donahue Teach-In on Port Ambrose LNG for Toddlers!

Kim Fraczek and Clare Donahue with an audience of young children 

Not satisfied with handing out flyers on the beach or presenting themselves as experts on the Port Ambrose proposal to the NYC Council and just about anyone willing to listen, in 2015 Sane Energy's Kim Fraczek and Clare Donahue start holding miseducation forums at day cares.

Alternate title for this post: I told you already. These activists are out of control. The rockaway pipeline project was the most interesting untold news story and the activism surrounding it and Port Ambrose still is.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Something that looked like the Monopoly guy" protests the Constitution Pipeline and other fracked up "news"

Photo by Kyle Adams 

"Blue ribbons streamed down the streets of Albany and something that looked like the Monopoly guy stood tall in front of DEC offices." So begins the article with probably one of the most entertaining lead sentences I've read on a pipeline protest, and I've read plenty of articles and lead sentences on pipeline protests. Please follow the link for the rest of just that one article on the NY antifrack movement's most recent Constitution Pipeline protest: ...

Or watch a video here!

Or, as typical of this movement's total domination of the news cycle and reporters, you can choose from a gaggle of press coverage of one wee group of people and a sparsely attended event:
1.) Like here: , where it is said that "Dozens of New Yorkers living along the proposed Constitution Pipeline route descended on New York's state Capitol today to call on the Department of Environmental Conservation to protect their land and lifestyles."  Or over in... "ALBANY — Opponents of the Constitution Pipeline and other natural gas infrastructure projects planned for the area marched on the state Department of Environmental Conservation offices in Albany on Tuesday to urge the agency to deny the project’s final water permits." -
What species is on my head photograph and other photos  by Cindy Schultz  in the Times Union

3.) Or... you can opt to entertain yourself with only the photos over at the Times Union's coverage of the most recent Stop the Constitution pipeline's presser. Perhaps play a game similar to Wheres Waldo where you search through the pictures for the different pieces of art and attempt to identify the species illustrated . (If you do read the article, take it with a grain of salt because the reporter Brian Nearing isn't likely to question the credibility of any of his sources or their claims.)

Kim Fraczek who doesn't live near the proposed route featured with a Microphone but no turntables at the Constitution Pipeline protest in Kyle smith's story at the Daily gazette

Craig Stevens, who unlike the FERC has yet to meet a pipeline he likes, and Roger Downs  of the Sierra Club, credit Kyle Adams

Where have I seen Craig Stevens and Kim Fraczek before? In the news? Where haven't I seen them is a better question.

 Alternate title of this post: The media's coverage of the antifracking movement and pipelines like the Constitution Pipeline (yes that is a link to another article featuring a lawyer saying some important stuff like the rally she just participated in was "spirited") or rather its failures at every stage of the reporting process is a scandal much much bigger than one college "rape culture" story that needed to be retracted by Rolling Stone.

Monday, August 10, 2015

A Confederacy of Dunces holds a parade in Long Beach (Port Ambrose LNG parade)

Some pretty and colorful pictures (credit Steve Soblick) worth thousands of words in the never ending saga of activists (mostly fractivists) misbehaving and misinforming. There is never any need to hear the words spoken as the imagery and the art, even if it is the "art of the con", is really what this PR campaign is all about.

 The people's puppets of occupy, occupy the pipeline, Sane Energy project, (basically all the same people), Clare Donahue, Jessica Roff of Catskill Mountainkeeper went out to Long Beach Long Island to celebrate the three long years of misinformation that they have been bringing to people near the shore whether in the Rockaways or Long Island about the Rockaway Project and Port Ambrose. And surprise surprise, there was a willing politician ready to speak some words at the podium and make some friends as well, along with Kim Fraczek and Patrick Robbins. This time it was Todd Kaminsky. (Oddly enough a politician who in his former life prosecuted Michael Grimm, the politician who introduced HR2606 into Congress prior to the public hearing about the bill and proposed pipeline project.) HR2606 of course was the bill that enabled the Rockaway pipeline to move forward. That is already ancient history (three years ago) and not only ancient history but a history that has been buried and already mythologized as well.

I wonder if former prosecutor Todd Kaminsky is aware that the Sane Energy Project is basically a fraudulent group.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There is More Misinformation on Port Ambrose LNG in the news than there is Real Information

Steadily, since the summer of 2013 when Timothy Bolger in the Long Island Press stated that Port Ambrose's critics "fear fracking exports on the horizon", most of the news reports on the Port Ambrose deepwater port proposal contain more misinformation than factual information on the proposed project. And in that respect, the news coverage is quite similar to much of the news on the Rockaway Project. It also happens to involve many of the same sources for that misinformation as well.

What is disturbing is that it doesn't matter how many times a reporter or a publication editor is informed that they are promoting myth or misinformation over fact either as John Tarleton of the Indypendent was numerous times with the Port Ambrose project. Why does the fact-free reporting matter? Well I can take a quote from a letter written by the Recreational Fishing Alliance about the hearings on this project which speaks directly to the misinformation that has long been swirling around this project and why misinformation isn't productive or instructive.

"Based on what I observed at that hearing and the comments raised by those opposed to the project, I came to the firm conclusion that the hearings, in the manner they are being conducted, do not foster a meaningful or constructive dialog in regards the project. I found this very troubling seeing how the hearing generated little, if any, useful or factual information while knowing how critically important such information is for those at the state level who are charged in making key decisions on this application. It would prove extremely difficult for you or your staff to review the hearing proceedings and identify rational and/or relevant information among the hundreds of commenters who were off topic, inaccurate or agenda driven." --Recreational Fishing Alliance

The quote mentions the decision makers at the state level, but one can easily substitute the public instead, which is equally important. The public has been invited to comment on a draft EIS on the Port Ambrose project and judging from Ben Adler's recent piece in Grist, what is painfully clear is that the public is being prevented from understanding what it is they are even commenting on. There isn't any doubt either about where the information is coming from. It stems from the sources in Ben Adler's article, Jessica Roff, Patrick Robbins, the Sane Energy project and a pretty long list of others as well.

The public has been invited to comment on a draft EIS for the Port Ambrose LNG delivery project and the antifracking movement is still calling this project a likely export project, more than a year and half after they created this myth.