Saturday, October 24, 2015

Occupy The Port Ambrose LNG Fracking Export Conspiracy Theory! The Musical !

What is left for me to say here on this blog as we near the end of the story of the Rockaway and Port Ambrose projects unfolding in real time right now before our very eyes?

Minister Erik Mcgregor is capturing "the movement" and theatrics with pretty production stills. The script just needs to be written (no embellishments needed--just a straight up reenactment of events will do) and after that a casting call to find the right people to play all the important parts on stage.

From Edie Kantrowitz above, to Maureen Healy below, the characters are all so thoroughly delusional and outspoken, they will be surely be lots of juicy fun for any actress to play.

Plus as I've pointed out before its not just the characters that are colorful! The Art Department will have their share of fun with costumes and props.

Perhaps the only kind thing one can say about the character Maureen Healy is that she is consistent. Once she's got her version of reality down, she sticks with it.

Above, Maureen Healy photographed perhaps while live on air in summer 2013. While the Rockaway Project was being deliberated, Maureen buried the likely connection between it and Port Ambrose, most likely in that broadcast buried all the real information and real people involved as well, promoted herself and helped to spread an export conspiracy theory on Port Ambrose instead. And below years later, Maureen Healy commenting on some recent "news" at cbslocal..

Maureen Healy • 8 days ago
"Great coverage. Thanks.

NYC and Long Island have no need for additional "natural" gas; in fact we are awash in cheap fracked gas.

Dig a little deeper. If this project is approved as the import facility it claims it will be, a simple administrative reversal of its license would allow it to become an export facility. And that is where the money is! Exporting gas overseas (where it sells for 3 and 4 times more) is the true goal of this project."

Like I said before, you could not make this stuff up--- these characters, the sheer lunacy of these people who are engaged in such a fraudulent campaign and have sustained it for years--- if you tried.

Probably the most shocking thing of all is that lots of people appear to be content just watching this tragicomedy unfold and the most shocking people of all those who aren't just silent as this transpires but often appear to be promoters of the show are people called reporters and editors.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Port Ambrose: A Lesson in NY Energy Politics--The Rockaway Pipeline/ Port Ambrose Saga continues featuring tweets and costumes

Capital New York's David Giambusso with the tweet of the decade

"Several hundred Broadway theater-goers are getting a lesson in NY energy politics" tweeted Capital New York reporter David Giambusso when covering a recent protest event against the three year old Port Ambrose LNG import proposal held by Sane Energy Project and other groups. That the protestors are and were the people burying the likely connection between this proposed project and the Rockaway project for over two and half years, instead preferring to whip up their own fantastical version of reality-- let's call it the Port Ambrose export conspiracy theory-- which reporters and publications then just lapped up and often repeated blindly, no matter how ludicrous that export scenario was, is most certainly a lesson in something.

Lew Blaustein of something called "Green Gotham TV" and Lewis Brand Solutions Also Gives a Lesson in NY Energy Politics with "Green Gotham TV"


Also giving the same important lesson in NY Energy politics is someone named Lew Blaustein for "Green Gotham Tv". Apparently he interviewed Kim Fraczek, one of the Sane Energy project's experts on this Port Ambrose conspiracy theory and decided to post a video on social media and the web of said interview right after the USCG Final Environmental Impact Statement release on Port Ambrose, which of course describes exactly the opposite of what is said in that interview! Amazing stuff! And to think the lessons and educational sessions given by Sane Energy's Patrick Robbins, Clare Donahue, Kim Fraczek and friends have only been going on now for the last 3 years!

What's the lesson? Well it isn't that reporters like Stephanie Colombini actually have the time to get any details straight when covering "energy politics". Perhaps they are too dazzled by the colorful costumes and posters of the protestors to even recognize the same tired cast of charactors they keep capturing in pictures and quotes. Stephanie Columbini just reported that the Federal Government approved Port Ambrose, a minor untrue detail when compared to the steady stream of nonsense reported over the years on the proposal, and she produced a story with a picture of Kim Fraczek and Monica Hunken featuring a Jessica Roff quote. It really is like the story of the rockaway pipeline project and the insane activists it involved is a never ending tragicomedy, a bad dream I cannot wake up from.

The lesson? Well it seems that lots of New York city and state reporters don't actually know what they are talking about when they cover energy, particularly anything that has to do with natural gas. It's more than likely that some like David Giambusso are willfully turning their eyes away from obvious truths and the people in the news influencing politicians and policies, the reporter's sources, are actually lunatics and liars.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Scoop! Port Ambrose Final Environmental Impact Statement Finally Reveals Long Buried Truths

Here is something that I may have finally gotten the Coast Guard to write but still cannot get a reporter to cover despite years of effort: (Let's call it a scoop because you will only read this here)

Right in the very beginning of the Coast Guard's final environmental impact statement on the Port Ambrose project, in the first Section, labelled 1.1 "purpose and need", it says:

"Because Liberty’s tie-in to the Transco LNYBL is located between the Rockaway Lateral and the Long Beach delivery point, it would be able to supplement supply during these periods of peak demand."

Two years ago, according to the Queens Chronicle, both Liberty Natural Gas and Williams Cos. said their "projects are not related" when asked about a "connection" between these two projects that were at that time being reviewed simlutaneously, yet by separate federal agencies. I had already been asking Williams and FERC about the relationship between the Rockaway project and Port Ambrose for months by the time Bianca's article was published. I spoke with her at length if I'm not mistaken. (I could be confusing her with another woman I had a conversation with that fall two years ago now.)

While it is somewhat satisfying to see the Coast Guard finally answer a question I have been asking for more than two and half years not just to the US. Coast Guard and MarAD repeatedly, but to FERC, to a wide variety of news reporters and papers and other state and federal agencies, it is also frustrating when thinking about all of the lying and misleading information that has been swirling around the Rockaway and Port Ambrose projects for years now.

It's also frustrating that right beneath this quote, which clearly states that it is Port Ambrose's interconnection location between the new Rockaway lateral and the Long Beach delivery point which actually would enable Port Ambrose to fulfill its purpose, there is then some mumbojumbo (which is legalese I guess for hey this is the reason both Liberty and Williams have refused to answer your question for so long and why no other agency managed to make them either) about how Liberty "could be considered a “shipper” bidding on supplying gas" regardless of the actual capacity of the pipe they aim to deliver into. Seeing as Liberty's supporting documents all discuss the benefits coming from a "shipper" that is able to deliver ADDITIONAL supplies that technicality seems like a moot point to me. As pointed out more than once, Libertys project maps like the one above should always have shown the rockaway expansion, even when the Rockaway project was just a proposal.

In the end it's hard to believe how few people there are who in any moment are capable or willing to speak the truth and stunning that there are still no reporters who can uncover it or identify it either. The only people who consistently have used facts when describing both the Rockaway Project and Port Ambrose as well as all the things that went wrong along the way still are ordinary citizens. I can count those people on one hand and name them too.

Oh and a "pulitzer prize" winning non-profit just published that Port Ambrose is an import/export project. Course the notice released on that project by two Federal Agencies says otherwise but what do I know about anything anyway?