Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Port Ambrose Export Conspiracy Theory Testifying and Reporting Saga Continues

Courtesy of sources like Kim Fraczek and Patrick Robbins, photographed by their pal Minister Erik Mcgregor, environmental reporter Brian Nearing recently reported for the Times Union on the three year old Port Ambrose IMPORT project proposal:

On Monday, the Coast Guard was expected to hold public hearings on the project's environmental impact statement, and opponents rallied against it, claiming Liberty's true purpose is to create a facility for conversion to export of U.S. natural gas from the hydrofracking boom for sale overseas.

He credits the following groups with the secret export conspiracy theory:

Environmental groups included Catskill Mountainkeeper, Food & Water Watch, the Surfrider Foundation, Sane Energy Project, All Our Energy, United for Action, Environmental Action, and NYPIRG.

Amazing stuff!

The incredible story of the Rockaway Pipeline Port Ambrose saga and activists acting badly continues on. Years after antifracking activists listed by Brian Nearing were told that Liberty intervened in the Rockaway docket and that it appeared very much that they required the Rockaway pipeline project then being considered to deliver incremental supply, the US. Coast Guard and MarAd prepare a final EIS which states this and still reporters like Brian Nearing report that Port Ambrose is probably secretly for export based only on the word of activists who have spent the last three years lying about almost everything.

If you want to get to the know what the antifracking movement looks like up close and personal and the kind of people it consists of you can't beat the Rockaway Pipeline project and Port Ambrose dockets as a fine example. It would appear at this point that reporters and publications in NY state can not accurately report on anything natural gas related at all and that is evidenced by the staggering amount of misinformation in the news on both the Rockaway pipeline and Port Ambrose because of the antifracking sources being used over the last few years now.

OmG! Is that Jessica Roff of Catskill Mountainkeeper featured in a news article by Newsday? Do I get to watch Jessica Roff give another rousing speech this time on Newsdays website and not in person?

There are only a bajillion places one can find online or in the news where Jessica Roff of Catskill Mountainkeeper has yapped about how Port Ambrose is actually secretly an export project. And its only been about two and half years since she and most of the people saying so basically crafted this conspiracy theory!!

I wonder how many years it will be before anyone reports any of this besides me. It's not like I haven't contacted all kinds of news agencies, politicians and others about this over the last couple of years. And it's not like people had not heard that Liberty wanted to build this project even in the winter/spring of 2012 as this was reported on in the news. How all the same politicians and activists then concocted an export conspiracy on it, while the rockaway project was under review and despite being told numerous times that they were receiving misinformation from activists and those politicians, how reporters appear to have amnesia as well as appear to have lost all the basic skills of reporting (including the nytimes) that is a story and a half you also won't read in the news.