Thursday, November 11, 2010


I'm starting to think that the buds above are on a Rhodendron or Azalea and that the large terminal bud is a flower bud and the smaller ones at its side are leaf buds. I took the picture at Brooklyn Bridge Park because I was struck by the color and beauty of the buds, but wasn't sure what plant I was looking at. It was partly defoliated. But after seeing some Rhododendron buds yesterday in BBG's Rock Garden and outside of the Native Flora garden, I think I see a similarity. I guess next spring I'll have an excuse to revisit the Brooklyn Bridge Park again and try to find out. I've been thinking about that park since I visited and about New York City investing in making its waterfronts more accessible and usable for people. I like the trend and not just because I enjoy being by the water. I like that it reminds me of the geography of where I am. It's pretty hard to forget you're on an island and not just in the city when you're surrounded by water. Appreciating the land you're standing on and the water it's surrounded by is probably the first step in deciding that you want to take care of it and that can't be a bad thing for this city.

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