Thursday, October 6, 2011

The More You Look

the more you will see and it doesn't matter whether you dig mushroom hunting, are just beginning to identify trees by their leaf shape or have recently discovered that there are Tulip Tree samaras at your feet and above your head in the canopy in the fall. The point really is just to focus your attention, if even for just a moment, on even just the square foot of earth where you happen to be and see if you aren't knocked out by how much there is to name and know just a little better, and by how ridiculously beautiful it all is.


flwrjane said...


xo Jane

sarah said...

yet another articulation of my life philosophy. =)

Sweetgum Thursday said...

:) (just so you know you ladies have me in the mind of Ricardo Montalban and Saturday night television in the late 70's..."smiles everyone, smiles."