Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 After a week spent indoors and one illness after another, a late afternoon recovery walk to Prospect Park brought me by a most sweet-smelling Camellia on Eastern Parkway, grass catching the last light of the day in front of the Brooklyn Central library and a massive tree stump in the park that looked like it had a story or two to tell.

The air was cold but the sun on my face felt so much like a warm welcome that it seemed liked it had to be trying to comfort me. I don't formally practice a faith, but you wouldn't be far off if you said I was something of a sun worshipper.


frank@nycg said...

Hope you feel better.

And I must say, you always know how to end a post.

Jen said...

Lovely post, wonderful pictures. Glad you are feeling better.

Ellen Zachos said...

That picture of the grasses really made me smile.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

:) Thanks Frank and jen and Ellen.

vanessa gonzales said...

That's a purely gorgeous flower. It represents purity and calm. I'm glad your on your fast way to recovery. That flower suits you.
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