Saturday, April 13, 2013

What to Focus on this Year?

I wouldn't say that every year since I started gardening that I have had just one true focus for the year. Probably exactly the opposite has been true. The moments outside always feels like a mad dash to try and take everything in all at once. To follow a favorite throughout the seasons, learn the name of the blooming thing in front of me in the moment by name, whether common or botanic or spot a new a pollinator in the garden, whether bee, wasp or other. What is true I think is that the focus has always been on something outside of myself, something tangible, real and alive that I hadn't spent enough time getting to know or pay attention to closely before beginning to garden.

I miss this.


Jen said...

Beautiful pictures! I love when you share what you've observed--I've learned from you, and you always help me focus on the particular. Which is what I'm trying to do--get away from appreciating the general landscape, and into learning the individuals that create the landscape.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Thanks Jen. No time like the spring to do exactly that. I hope you are enjoying.