Saturday, June 29, 2013

Not Enough Bouquets So Far This Year

But this one got me back in the mind. I miss this. Watching plants. Growing and tending something. The garden this year is tending itself in large part with large patches of welcome volunteers filling in the spaces. (this year chamomile a top contender for volunteer of the year and the love in a mist, which i should catch before it goes to seed again.) Though I haven't been experimenting myself I noticed that the coolness of this spring had flowers Joe brought home from the garden lasting a good long while in the vase.


Jen said...

So pretty--happy summer!

frank@nycg said...

Where've you been?

Sweetgum Thursday said...

thanks jen. i hope you are well!

frank sadly enough, i have been swamped not only fighting nps and williams about the rockaway pipe project but also having to waste my time arguing with activists who think they know more about the project than me. Total nightmare!!