Thursday, June 1, 2017

On May's Showers and Flowers

I could no more have counted all the raindrops than all of May's flowers this year. Though it seemed most days it was either raining or threatening to, in the end May departed on a dry evening and June flew in this morning whistling a sunny tune with the Kousa dogwoods in bloom.

Forget counting the blooms or raindrops. Try counting or naming just May's many colors.

What exactly is the color of Catmint and the name of that flower that looks like a star or a dangling bell or a ball full of stars?

I remember the first spring after I started gardening, it was as if I had never seen a spring before and it felt like it was entirely possible that I had been walking around with my eyes closed for most of my life until that moment. 

I have been smitten ever since.

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