Thursday, July 27, 2017

Entomology Photo Safari at Hofstra

I went on an entomology photo safari at Hostra and the cool thing was (yeah, I just put the words cool and entomology in the same sentence) I didn't even have to get a plane ticket to go on this adventure. I just had to stroll over to the Joe Pye-weed to discover some pollinators, like this sweet Monarch butterfly.

The Summersweet was another local joint that was jumping, with a variety of bees and wasps zipping in, out and milling about. There I had chance encounters with two new species. The first was a very small butterfly, which would only reveal enchanting flashes of blue while in flight. Since it didn't give me its name and wasn't wearing a name tag, after doing some hunting around I am going to call it a Summer Azure. (Thankfully, I was the only one on today's photo safari, so I'm safe doing this, as I just read over at the North Jersey Butterfly Club that all it takes is one Azure and two entomologists for a butterfly ID smackdown to spark, or at the very least a "spirited battle". Who knew entomologists were such brawlers? Not me, thats for sure.)

Speaking of tough guys, the other new insect I met at the Summersweet seemed to be acting more like it was on the prowl than seeking some flower nectar. My immediate guess was that I had just photographed some kind of predatory fly. After some research, I'm going to call this one an assassin fly because assissin fly seems more threatening and apt (and badass) then another common name, the robber fly. If it is an assassin fly, it isn't exactly out to "rob" another insect's nest or eggs. Or purse. It's going for the kill.

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