Monday, August 7, 2017

Murder She Wrote/On Weeds

Some might say I killed an oak not so long ago. I would say I just did a little weeding. And since I wasn't in my own garden, I couldn't help but think of Michael Pollan's grandfather who he mentioned in an essay called "Weeds Are Us" as the kind of gardener who would pull weeds anywhere, not just his own garden or someone else's, but in parking lots and storefront window boxes too". Truth be told I have revisited this essay quite a few times in recent years as I think there is much in it that's instructive about the many problems I see within the world of "environmentalism" and its faulty thinking, irrationality and its anti-science, knowledge and fact stances today. One hero to many naturalists and environmentalists he takes down a notch is Thoreau and his romanticism about nature. Some others he takes down a notch are radical environmentalists who assume "human culture is the problem, not the solution" to the challenges of the times. Though the time he wrote the essay was decades ago, the lessons in it still ring with some truth today and the "radicals" on the environmental scene are too many to count and unfortunately are all over the news.

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