Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Early Spring at Brooklyn Botanic in the Snow, Rain & Sleet

Edgeworthia chrysantha (Paperbush) in the Perennial Border at Brooklyn Botanic

It may have snowed, rained and sleeted at differents points during the day, but it was still beautiful walking the grounds of Brooklyn Botanic with Susan, checking out the earliest spring bloomers. The paperbush in the perennial border was nearly glowing and in the Japanese garden Pieris japonicas were dripping in blooms near an ever-blooming cherry. There were pockets of awesomeness and color busting out all over the botanic garden and it's only the very beginning of spring. This year, I'll only have rainy weekdays if work is cancelled and weekend visits to check out the amazing spring show at BBG. It won't be the same as watching it all unfold while working as an intern on the grounds, but I hope to catch at least some of this beautiful place's spring blooms.

Pieris japonica flowers in the Japanese Garden at Brooklyn Botanic

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