Saturday, March 12, 2011


Leaves on a Japanese Maple in June, Brooklyn Botanic Japanese Garden

Thinking about the east right now as everyone is and Japan, a place I've never been but feel connected to because of years lived in Hawai'i, where its influence is heavy, and family. I've just been thinking about the amazing plants that come from this land and this culture and their influence in horticulture all over the world. Over at Brooklyn Botanic, they are currently celebrating Graceful Perseverance in the Bonsai Museum, the trees that survive in extreme environments and very soon in the spring, Hanami, the viewing of the cherry blossoms. I like that title, Graceful Perseverance, and the idea contained in it: celebrating people and plants that come through the years of hardship by adapting to a challenging environment with incredible grace, strength,art and beauty.

Bonsai Museum, Brooklyn Botanic

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