Sunday, November 6, 2011


Bouquet in the bathroom at Chanticleer

The picture above is of a bouquet in the bathroom at Chanticleer. It was taken on a Brooklyn Botanic horticulture intern field trip last year on a ridiculously hot day in early July. What was I thinking? I was thinking "this place is so awesome, even the bathroom rocks", and also "who needs flowers, when leaves and branches are so beautiful?". But probably mostly "I hope I remember how much I loved this moment." I do. The memories of beautiful moments studying plants remains. Essentially that is really the whole of what most posts of this blog contain. I didn't know it would be so when I started, but the act of focusing, photographing and recording these moments has proved to be an amazing tool for remembering and learning for me.

I couldn't tell you for certain if one of the talented gardeners at Chanticleer made this bouquet from plants onsite or not, but Chanticleer has a plant list that's accessible online and it's here.

Handmade Plant List Box, Chanticleer

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