Sunday, October 28, 2012

At October's End

 Martha harvests some flowers to take home and pumpkin and loofah grown in the pumpkin patch get laid out for the annual Halloween party at the community garden. Before this blog became focused on the pipeline and the appropriation of a piece of  Floyd Bennett Field, our park, for industrial use, it was focused on small moments in the lives of plants and the joy of little discoveries made when immersed in that world. I still have those moments all the time at work on green roofs and in the garden or now in fall when there is much to observe, enjoy and learn as the leaves are starting to turn and fall on the city streets. The skies have been gray now for days as a storm makes it way toward us, but the brilliance of the colors of this season is undeniable in any light.


Amelia said...

Unfortunately we won't be enjoying those glorious Fall leaves much longer once the storm does its thing. Love that little Fall bouquet.Be safe.

sarah said...

Hey, good luck riding out Sandy!

Jen said...

I'm glad you are still enjoying those small moments--it's important; Stay safe and dry.

Sweetgum Thursday said... far still quiet here in Bklyn, but i have missed checking in on your wanderings in Vermont lately. Can only imagine what you have discovered and captured with your camera lately. Jen..I may not be writing about them, but I am lucky to have a life and work filled with them. The pay is small but the rewards are big. Amelia..true dat. In recent years, it seems like there is at least one gamechanging event weatherwise. Last year a blizzard mid october.