Sunday, October 28, 2012

Postcards on HR2606 versus PR on Floyd Bennett Field

The postcards to President Obama to Veto HR2606 stand by themselves. They are simple messages written in objection to a bill. They represent people's attempt to participate in the decision making process despite a very clear message being sent down from those in power up above that the people do not deserve a voice.

At the same time that these messages are being written and people are asking NPS and politicians to protect our park, those people who have already made the decision to run a pipeline right of way through Jacob Riis beach and alienate a piece of Floyd Bennett Field, historic hangars in order to allow a metering and regulating facility to support that pipeline, are doing a little PR by planting trees in Floyd Bennett Field. Do you think they took the opportunity to talk to the public about how they think industrial use of Floyd Bennett Field by Williams Transco and National Grid is an appropriate introduction into the park as they dug holes to plant 5000 trees?

Tree planting is an appropriate thing to do in a park. Building industrial infrastructure that is wholly outside of the park's purpose and introducing pollution is not. Back in 2009 Williams Transco admitted there were land use issues that would challenge them in finding an appropriate site for their metering and regulating facility. HR2606 removes that challenge by allowing them to build this facility right in the park. It's quite the coup for the natural gas companies considering there is only public talk by officials about making this park an example nationally of what a great urban national park should be.

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