Monday, October 4, 2010

Late Bloomers at Floyd Bennett

The first Montauk Daisy (Nipponanthecum nipponicum) to open near our row. They are a little later than others I saw blooming on Sunday on Bedford Ave. Although one common name is the Montauk Daisy, this plant is native to Asia, not eastern Long Island. Maybe someone saw one blooming out east and the name stuck or perhaps a clever nurseryman hawked the plant as an eastern long island one? Maybe it just does well in dry beachy areas like Montauk and has come to be associated with the area.

Both Joe and I are trying to figure out what the small aster-like flower blooming below is. It just started blooming wild.

Last week's identification was the Chrysopsis mariana (Maryland golden aster) that is fading at Floyd Bennett now, but still blooming at Plumb Beach. It is a native, that is if our ID is correct.

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