Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tiny Pretty Flowers In Bloom at Floyd Bennett

Delicate Daikon Radish flowers in the pumpkin patch

An Israeli wildflower from Yacov & Ayala's vegetable plot.

While it's true that the gardeners of Floyd Bennett are mostly growing vegetables and herbs, there is still an appreciation for flowers and what they add to the garden, whether it's simply letting your vegetables go to flower and seed for bees and birds or next year's volunteer plants or leaving a patch of your garden for aesthetics. Yacov and Ayala are two of the most prolific vegetable growers at the garden, with serious rotation and winter beds for extending the season, but still this year they had room to dedicate to some lovely cornflowers that bloomed and bloomed, Israeli wildflowers and I know it goes against the theme of this post, these fantastic Dahlias.

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