Wednesday, December 29, 2010

On the Way to the Library

Red Crabapples in December at Brooklyn Botanic

Crabapples in the Osborne

Lucky for me that Brooklyn Botanic is less than a ten minute walk from home and is on my way to the library. Luckier still that the garden is free all winter when being in such a broad beautiful space does wonders to fight the winter blues even for just a quick walk. Seeing the red crabapples today in the Osborne brought back memories of pruning the trees with Dan earlier this year. And the Weeping Pagoda tree below is a pretty awesome sight with its gnarled trunk and form in the winter.

Weeping Pagoda tree bark in winter at Brooklyn Botanic

Gnarled branch and posture of the Weeping Pagoda tree

The only complaint is the scratch on this camera's lens, which makes it difficult to get a clear picture of the Lilac buds, like below. They are beautiful now in winter.

Buds of a lilac in winter at Brooklyn Botanic

Buds of the Syringa x hyacinthaflora 'Anabel'

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