Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Remains of the Day

Humulus lupulus, hops vine, in autumn, seedheads at Queens Botanical garden
Humulus lupulus in December

A subfreezing trip to Queens Botanical Garden to check out Shari Romar's photos, the Birds, Bugs and Blooms exhibit, provided not only gorgeous photos of wildlife and blooms shot on Queens Botanical grounds (they have their own fantastic hawk), but a chance to admire the winter interest purposefully left behind by the hort staff. It was a quick walk around the tiniest portion of the grounds in biting winds, but the beautiful remains of the hops vine, flowering basil and the seedhead of Magnolia grandiflora were well worth the stiff fingers and toes.

Humulus lupulus in another season

What's left of the Basil, a real bargain beauty.

The fabulous seedhead of Magnolia grandiflora in winter.

I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to the cold, but as it turns out, if you don't get outside in winter you'll never really get to know plants. I'm looking forward to more winter field trips with Anne and Susan, at least until one or all of us finds a job in the field, and definitely a return trip to Queens Botanical.

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