Monday, December 26, 2011

Gleaning and Prospect Park, 2011

Normally, my gleanings in Prospect Park are simply the information gathered about what is budding or blooming. But there have been a few times this year when I've gleaned in the park in a way that is closer to the idea of gleaning in the fields or gathering what is left for waste but still usable. The latest example of this kind of gleaning are the Magnolia branches with buds in the vase above. On a bike ride in the park I had passed some branches on the ground left by parks workers, who I'm assuming were pruning as part of park maintenance, whether for the health of the trees or safety of park users and workers. They hadn't been hauled away yet and I just clipped the tips of a few of these cut branches to bring home for a vase.

Below, two similar rides in the park in late winter and early spring offered opportunities for salvaging, but the reasons I was able to gather those times were not because of park work, but normal wear and tear of the year. In both instances, I found branches recently damaged by wind or weather and was able to bring home some blooming witchhazel and the amazing early growth of a young Buckeye.

(This post was inspired by my recent watching of a film by Agnes Varda, which made me think of her beautiful documentary film, "The Gleaners and I".)

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