Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Holiday of the Viewing of the Paper Bush Buds

On this, the second annual Holiday of the Viewing of the Paper Bush Buds, there were some early blooms. Am I making up botanical holidays for myself now? Well yes, I am. Having never created a holiday before and being somewhat unsure what the criteria are for such a thing, I've pretty much gone and done it much the way one earns the right for riding shotgun in a car, that is by calling it.

I've chosen to celebrate this particular holiday on the third Sunday of December quite arbitrarily and I imagine any old day in winter would do just as well. I do recommend though the celebrating be done on a very cold day in the last hour of light at Brooklyn Botanic, if you're in Brooklyn. If not, then you have to go out and find your own Paper Bush spot to celebrate. As of yet, there are no official sponsors, logos, or lore attached to this celebration, so it's wide open for interpretation.

Edgworthia chrysantha, Paperbush, winter buds
At the inaugural celebration


sbs said...

How beautiful is that. Thanks for the new holiday.

Marie said...

Love that shrub. Love its scent even more. Happy Paper Bush Holiday.

sarah said...

oooh, we don't have paper bush up here, so I'll have to invent my own holiday. good idea!

Sweetgum Thursday said...

Happy Holidays (both traditional and newly imagined) to you all too.