Monday, March 19, 2012

Capek and his March of the Buds

"So! While I was writing this, the mysterious "Now" must have come: the buds which in the morning were still swaddled in tough bands have put forth fragile tips, sprigs of forsythia have begun to shine with golden stars, the swollen pear buds have unrolled a little, and on the points of some other buds gold-green eyes are sparkling. Out of resinous scales young green leaves are shooting, fat buds have burst, and a filagree of ribs and folds is emerging. Don't be shy blushing little leaf; open, folded little fan; awake downy sleeper, the order to start has already been given."

Karel Capek, The Gardener's Year
Passing an Oakleaf Hydrangea and its unfurling leaves of spring

(I'd forgotten that I was going to try and squeeze in one quote a month from this little book. I misplaced it though and just found it today under a pile of catalogs. If there's one thing for sure about Capek, he wasn't subtle at all about buds and spring marching in.)

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