Thursday, March 15, 2012

Some Bits in Old Bottles

Some bits dried from last year but still vibrant. Some branches freshly pruned for practical purposes but saved for the vase. Some heath fresh because it's blooming now. And bottles found on the shore. A real salvager's delight. (Susan is a salvager of things, so I know she had a good time playing around this afternoon and I have a thing for the old and the new.)

I can't count the number of blooming things in Brooklyn right now (mid March! holy cow!), but we are still a little shy of some very eagerly awaited blooms from a dusty lot. We're hoping for some rain, but taking advantage of the insane weather and planting anyway. Today some divided yarrow, sedum and stachys. We know they like it dry, but are they ready for how tough that lot really is? We'll see. Some seeds are germinating inside in cellpacks, and the garbage that's been accumulating awaits tackling. The grand plan is to just keep on going until we cannot anymore. We'll plant some things for harvest, some things to leave be, some for the pollinators and see what comes. It's just a little dream we're following.


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