Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Because When the Going Gets Tough

the really tough are only just getting going. Think you could survive two gnarly New York City summer heat waves with no supplemental water up on a green roof in the Bronx? I know I couldn't. I barely made it through just this afternoon intact and it wasn't nearly as hot up on that roof as it must have been last week in the baking sun.

I tried counting the bees today and I tried not to sweat. I failed at both.


Jen said...

No supplemental water? I can't imagine. Is the second picture also on the roof?

Amelia said...

I just came in from massive watering; everything is so droopy and my stuff is in the ground. Tough isn't the word to describe the roof survival...that includes you.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

No irrigation Jen. Yes. Second picture (Allium cernuum, native,) also on this roof and just hitting its blooming stride now. Agreed Amelia. The plants are tough. Myself, though, not nearly so much.