Saturday, July 28, 2012

Everything at Once, 2012

I've had the either lucky or very unlucky opportunity to come to know plants in a time when the seasons and weather is changing. It's unlucky of course because the world is changing and the plants and wildlife we rely on are being effected. It's unlucky because it makes remembering the order of things (who blooms first, what to plant and when) harder.

This year for instance, everything is blooming at once in my vegetable garden. The yarrow is still going, while nearby asters are already starting to bloom ahead of schedule. (The asters aren't pictured here.) The vegetable garden is flush with pollinators.

There is a feast now. But with latebloomers that I love so much like the asters beginning already, there may be famine for the pollinators come autumn. Here is where I can see my luck swinging the other way. Because I am paying attention in this time, I can choose to sow some annual flowers now that will help provide some sustenance for the pollinators or I could buy some to transplant. You have to live in your own time and recognize it for what it is.

Monarda punctata blooms.


Ellen Zachos said...

Monarda punctata! How can I not know that plant? Love it.

Sweetgum Thursday said...

To know it is to love it! You know I caught the bug from it over at Brooklyn Botanic.