Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fancy plants

Cornus kousa 'Gold Star'

Calathia bachemiana (Brazilian)

From the variegated leaves of the Cornus kousa and Calathia bachemania with their leaf-within-a-leaf patterns, to the fancy Zinnia in Susan's Asteraceae box at the children garden and on to the far out, day-glo pinks and oranges in the desert and tropical pavillions, it was a fancy plant day at BBG for me. And the Goldenrain, Lindens and native Catalpas are blooming. Not bad for a rainy day. Doing a little exploring definitely beats mulching all day.

Euphorbia milii dwarf red form (aptly named Crown of Thorns)

Aphelandra sinclairiana (Costa Rica, Panama, Nicauragua)

Adenium obesum (and that's not supposed to be an insult)

Clerodendrum speciosissimum (Verbena family, Java)

Pavonia multiflora (Brazil)

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