Thursday, June 3, 2010

Field Trip to Jersey Pine Barrens

So, today I felt like the special ed kid who accidentally ended up in class with the AP students . Or a bit like Charlie Brown and friends around adults...whenever Uli or someone else said something botanical (and they were flinging the words around like they actually knew what they meant), all I heard was "Waah Wahh wah WAAAh." Sometimes it's good to remember how little you actually know. Today was that day for me. I took some pictures of plants and now have no idea what they are. A few that my unscientifically-trained brain can remember: The ghostly Indian Pipe plant, which doesn't need clorophyll because it feeds off of fungi in the soil. (Monotropo uniflora). The Droseras, (Sundew) tiny plants that are carnivorous. Tephrosia virginiana (catgut) in the fabaceae family, which you can see because it looks pea-like.

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