Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monarch caterpillar update

Milkweed seeds being taken by the wind. Plumb Beach, Brooklyn

The tale of the monarch caterpillars of Plumb Beach ends here. We checked the milkweed and found no caterpillars. We searched for a chrysalis on the underside of leaves both on the milkweed and other plants nearby but came up empty. I'm pretty sure those caterpillars picked the perfect spot to hide away while they undergo their transformation so I'm not worried about them. Just a little disappointed that I won't have a picture of their beautiful green chrysalis for my nephews. The good news though is all the milkweed seeds about to drift off in the wind, ensuring more food for next years caterpillars. Also, the Monarch butterflies were at FBGA's butterfly bushes in numbers today and visited my Verbena bonariensis. I love that plant.

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