Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Waiting on a Dahlia

I purchased this Dahlia at the Grand Army farmer's market this spring, and much like the lily I purchased there which dropped its buds almost immediately after transplanting, this little plant took a turn for the worse as soon as I brought it home. The flowers faded and it looked like death. Maybe it was hopped up on the juice and greenhouse light and blooming too early? In any event, I was sure it was a goner, but Joe didn't want to give up on it. Last year, these miniature or dwarf Dahlia's (a gift from a fellow gardener Lois, not sure of the species) were his favorite flowers to bring home for vases. So against my better judgement, we stuck it in my garlic bed and it did nothing for a while but make me shake my head. The garlic scapes came and went and the garlic was harvested, and then recently that little Dahlia starting bushing out with leaves. The foliage looked nice enough and I certainly wasn't expecting flowers. But last week, all these buds appeared and now we're just waiting on a beautiful Dahlia that wouldn't give up.

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