Monday, April 18, 2011

Everything You Wanted to Know About Trilliums..

or WakeRobins and then some can be found at Uli's informative post on Trilliums at Brooklyn Botanic's website today. Uli is the curator of the Native Flora Garden at Brooklyn Botanic, as well as a keen photographer of plants, so if you're interested in these spring ephemerals and curious about their native habitats, it's a post you don't want to miss. There has been some backlash recently in the news and the gardening world about the growing interest in native plants, but the truth is most of us don't really know too much about or recognize the plants that grow (or in some cases used to grow) naturally in our area and rarely have the opportunity to see some of these plants growing wild or in cultivation. They may be native, but they are not necessarily common, particularly in a city as densely populated and developed as New York. And in this town full of people from all over, there's nothing wrong or weird about rooting for the home team.

(The Trillium pictured above was taken at Brooklyn Botanic's Native Flora Garden last April by Joe.)

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