Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Riding into the Wind

down to my own garden down at Floyd Bennett after work tonight to check out the latest happenings was kind of necessary. I've been spending so much time in other people's gardens at work that I felt a little like I'd abandoned my own and was missing out on the the joy that comes from observing the small changes in a garden that you know well. Tonight was the first time I got to see the tulips blooming that survived the transplant from Brooklyn Botanic's tulip display last spring and was happy to see two of my favorites above. The one pictured below is a surprise to me. I may have gotten it from propagation class. Or perhaps it came home with me when planting the tulip display at Brooklyn Botanic in the fall. Either way it was fall planted in the evening after work and one of the pleasures of the garden this year has been discovering where exactly I threw all the bulbs in. Never mind that the first year I gardened, I drew a map of every pea planted.

There are some lilies pushing up too. And the chives are getting themselves ready to do their purple-flowering thing. You know when you ride into the wind on your way out, you get pushed all the way home, which is always nice.

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