Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Following The Path of a Pipeline (take two)

Andropogon sp (Broomsedge) Native grass, Floyd Bennett Field (unless it's Little Bluestem or something related. It's hard for me to tell the differences between the species.)

I'm pretty familiar with the path that the proposed gas pipeline project (which has local Marine Park community board members angry) would take down Flatbush Avenue and through National Gateway Recreation Area parkland. One of the things I like to do since catching the gardening/plant bug is stop and pay attention to some of the details in the area. So at least I don't have to actually research the physical path the construction will take when trying to follow this project. The paperwork trail is another story entirely. Because little information or outreach efforts to the public on the project have been made by Williams Transco or the government agencies involved, I've been forced to wade through the necessary paperwork that's available in FERC's elibrary. Considering all the government agencies involved, recent press about expanding camping and attention on Floyd Bennett Field (a Blue Ribbon Panel dedicated to making recommendations about its future even), it shouldn't be so hard to find information about this project and particularly the introduction of a new industrial use for the airfield (the gas metering and regulating station proposed on site). But it is. Perhaps as more local journalists follow the story, that will change.

Most of the proposed sites for the station were originally located outside of the airfield. "As the construction of a meter and regulating station would result in a given site being classified as a developed industrial use, consideration was given to alternatives in areas with high proportions of developed land."
From: 20090601-5223
Description: Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC submits Draft Resource Reports 1 and 10 for the Rockaway Delivery Point Project under PF09-8.

Sea Rocket, Jacob Riis beach

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